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    Next Century Freedom Fight


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    Next Century Freedom Fight

    Post by SonicChao4Life on Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:26 pm

    A story where Sonic is finally killed by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and Amy is filled with rage, and will not rest until Sonic is avenged. Knothole Village is now in the hands of six abandoned children, Crash, Ariel, Tremor, John, Emily, and Sonic Jr.

    Chapter 1

    Knothole Village- 20XX

    "And you are beaten again, Egghead!" Sonic brags, "Because I'm always on top!" Eggman grins, and as Sonic walks away, pulls off a trigger on a small remote. A giant land mine explodes right under Sonic. "Augh!" Sonic screams, crash landing onto the floor. "Not anymore, Hedgehog. Ever since 1991, all I wanted was a place of my own, but none of you let me. You forced me to go to drastic measures, Sonic... farewell, FOREVER." Eggman cackles, walking away.
    "Sonic!" Tails runs to Sonic, in tears, "Oh no! It was bad enough losing Cosmo, but not you! Please, oh please not you!" Amy gasps in horror. Knuckles flies in, ashamed of himself for not protecting Sonic. "Tails..." Sonic struggles to say, coughing, "Stop... Eggman... f... rom... ma... king... em...pi...r...e..." And Sonic went cold.

    (1 hour later)

    "We are here today for the death of our hero for many years, Sonic the Hedgehog. A moment of silence, please," the man says. Everyone goes silent. "I never got to marry him," Amy bawls, "I want him back!" Knuckles sighs, "He was a good ally..." Amy and Tails, suddenly had something snap inside. Their sadness, quickly turned to rage.

    "I swear, Sonic will be avenged, if it's the last thing I do!" Amy screams. She runs to the secret Knothole HQ pipe, and gets to the Baby Recruits. Six babies in a small crib, all sound asleep. One of the babies are a dark shade of blue, with bright green eyes, and a Power Ring around his wrist. Amy looks at a plaque next to her, reading "Next Generation Freedom Fighters: Crash, Ariel, Tremor, John, Emily..." And finds an empty space on the plaque. Amy, her rage growing, carves in a name on the empty space. "Sonic Jr."

    (10 years later)

    "Hey, Gossip Girls! Coming or what?" Crash taunts, "We don't want you to miss the show!" "Shut up, toothpick." Ariel sasses back, "I'm going to training in a second anyway. I need to check my text messages." Amy walks in, "You know Ariel, Crash is right. If you want to be as great as Sonic, you must train hard." Ariel sighs, "Fine. Whatever, mom."

    Targets popping up everywhere, Tremor picks up a large pile of rubble and throws it at the target, smashed into pieces. "Yes!" Tremor cheers, "Another great strike!" "Rubble can't be THAT powerful," Emily comments. "Oh yeah?" Tremor replies, forming rubble into a sphere, and throwing it at her. "Hey! Get this dirt off me, you dirty freak!" Emily rants, squirming. "Will you all just behave?!" John cries, throwing his palm into his face, "Training is serious! Right, Sonic?" "Heck yeah!" Sonic Jr. responds, running on the walls at extreme speeds, "Dad wouldn't procrasti... pro... ah, whatever the word is!"

    An alarm sounds, everything flashing red. "Already?!" Amy says to herself. "It's the Robuttnik alarm! We gotta go beat some bots!" Crash declares, rushing out the pipe, "But I'll peek and see if mom should handle it." Emily laughs hard, "Are ya scared? You want mommy to do your worky perky?" The other four kids laugh hard as well. "No way," Crash replies, "One of these days, mom might actually have to fight. She told me (and only me) about all of her stories fighting Egghead's robots." "That's bogus. Mom never fought, she isn't fighting, and she probably never will." Tremor comments. "Children, how dare you!" Amy shrieks, "I have too fought hard! Now go with your brother and beat those robots!" "Yes, ma'am." The children report, heading to the pipe.


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