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    congrats! i now am officialy packing up

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    congrats! i now am officialy packing up Empty congrats! i now am officialy packing up

    Post by Myst_thefox on Sat Jan 22, 2011 4:57 pm

    yes i got a better gig with some other prrps with an anime style game where they dont follow a christian that dismmisses my ideas,also they dont mind my ramblings!

    in all seriousness, i found better things to do, i have a band to cater for now, and have no time to go on the forum, plus...you guys give me the creeps, obviously my talents arent needed for this game, which is understandable,im the blcak sheep of the group, and nobody cares about whatever i think, im not bieng nasty, im just moving on,which gives me time to talk about what im do8ing next (if you want to find me) and why i decided to leave, this is not a joke like the last few so i am asking you to delete my input entirely (ep is cheering at this moment) and take away my sprites,my ideas and my other things that i have said, as my terms & conditions are written in very fine almost unreadble print at the bottom of my sprites,as always, my rant about what i think of the forum and how i think this game will end up ,however will stay, as a final forumer act, i want that post tobe stickied and kept as a reminder to you all as it includes the farewells and bestwishes(very few there) from one of your longest serving members, if you want to save me from leaving,by all means do, but im afraid it would take some doing, for reasons why i left and my reasons for staying on a few days after to see your comments, see my announcemen

    i suppose i should say best wishes, but i cant, because i honestly dont like quite a few of you but im giving them anyway

    Myst_thefox,Rskittzo signing off on a realy depressing note

    p.s,i mean it, all of the stuff i have done, including my *giggle* contributions to the story must go, sprite,music and all..i mean it and i realy dont want to be replaced, it saddens me, buti know ep has the perfect replacement....i realy wish i could swear then,but i mean it, you have ruined the game for yourselves,i had fun while it lasted.

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