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    BlitzSonic Engines

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    BlitzSonic Engines Empty BlitzSonic Engines

    Post by TEhMAn92 on Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:17 am

    Here is a place dedicated to BlitzSonic engines, if you have one, please post

    BlitzSonic beta test
    megaupload.com QSR9NLBI

    BlitzSonic Release/Source (v0.1)
    megaupload.com L6XWOTN0

    (unknown release info, contains the NG/heroes sonic)
    megaupload.com T0YO4VBC

    Twilightzoney's Engine
    megaupload.com 092N49BG

    Sonic Blitz3d Unleashed (v2.4)
    megaupload.com FE9KB1QS

    Jet Set Radio Rush (Bagjac)
    megaupload.com SGIJN1EG

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