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    The Dark Brotherhood versus the Dark Legion...there ARE differences

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    The Dark Brotherhood versus the Dark Legion...there ARE differences

    Post by MauEvig on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:40 pm

    Some people think that the Dark Brotherhood from Sonic Chronicles is a direct rip off from the Dark Legion in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics. The point of this thread, is to point out that there are some differences between the two groups, and the two kick-butt female echidnas involved with them. Obviously there are some similarities, and it's also quite obvious that Bioware was paying homage to Archie and SatAM. I mean, Robotropolis? Swatbots? Yep. Definately paying homage. But they weren't directly copying them. It's actually kind of annoying really; to think that they're just carbon copies.
    Let me start out with Shade and Julie-su. People think that they're basically the same character, with just some subtle differences. But they're not.
    Here's what makes them similar...They're both female echidnas, they're both tough, and they both belong to a rival group of echidnas, and they're both a love interest for Knuckles. And that's about where their similarities end.
    Now let's look at the differences. Design for one thing is a huge difference. Shade's a peach color, Julie-su's pink with bangs that have little purple highlights. Also Shade's dreads have little points on them and have some stripes, Julie-su's don't. Their outfits are vastly different, Shade sports a head band that holds up her dread locks and has sleek black nocturnus armor. Julie-su doesn't have any pants on, wears a green and black shirt, green boots, and has a cyborgnetic dread lock. Notice that Shade or any of the Nocturnus clan members have cyborgnetic parts. Shade also has eye shadow. Their weapons are also different, Shade relies on her fists and implements stealth technology. Julie-su uses a tazor and a lazor gun, and carries a grappling hook.
    Personality wise, while they're both tough, Julie-su has been known to literally flip people over when she doesn't like them. Look at how many times she's done this to Vector? Shade's more calm and level headed.
    Shade also has a huge sense of loyalty, and left the Nocturnus clan feeling betrayed. She teamed up with Sonic in her own way of paying penance for the crimes of Ix, as well as making up for giving their team a lot of headaches. She gets angry at people, but I haven't seen her react too violently other than giving people dirty looks.
    Julie-su just decided to follow Knuckles one day without much of a purpose...other than she simply had to. Not much of a good reason IMO. During the Dark Vengence Saga, she was even coaxed into going back to the Dark Legion for a while, then she crashed one of their hover crafts and was arrested, and later signed up to work with the Chaotix. And has ever since.
    Shade was also treated pretty well by Lord Ix and was second in command. Julie-su didn't stand much of a chance as her two older half-siblings killed her mother and her father to seize control of the Dark Legion, and erased her memories.
    Julie-su and Knuckles share a common ancestor...making them distant cousins. This has been a source of friction for a lot of anti-Knuckles/Julie-su fans using this as their sole reason for not wanting them together. It's a poor reason however, because I know for one thing that if you live in a small area, and have been for most of your life, chances are you're going to share a common ancestor anyway, especially if your significant other is also from that area. If they were first or second or even third cousins, it would be very iffy. But they're SEVERAL generations apart, so it doesn't really bother me. I'm not a fan of KnucklesxJulie-su. I used to be, but the point of this discussion isn't to explain why I'm not a fan of that couple, but rather to point out the differences between the DL and the DB.
    Anyway, Shade and Knuckles to my knowledge don't share any common ancestors. In the games, they're descended from two opposing clans, so they wouldn't be related.
    Far as the Nocturnus clan versus the Dark Legion is concerned, it seems like the Nocturnus clan have always been in conflict with the Knuckles clan. But in the comics, the Dark Legion came about because of a bunch of echidnas who opposed the ban on technology in Echidnaopolis.
    The twilight cage started out as being something different from the twilight zone, but recently the writers of Archie have started integrating elements of the games, and started calling the twilight zone the twilight cage.
    The Dark Legion wears dark long robes and has cyborgnetic parts. The Dark brotherhood wears dark armor, and does not possess cyborgnetic parts.
    Imperator Ix is the leader of the dark brotherhood, an older echidna pure white in color, and also manages to have a super form of sorts.
    There is a white echidna villian in archie, but he was based off another villian in Fleetway, known as Zachary the echidna. If anything, Ix probably would've been based off him. Even so, Doctor Finitevus, the white echidna compared to Ix in the archie series didn't start out as the leader of the Dark Legion, but he did trick them in a sense, but I don't think he actually lead them. Whereas, Ix has always lead the Dark brotherhood. And remember, Shade was second in command, while Julie-su was treated like crap in the Dark Legion. Shade didn't leave the dark brotherhood until she found out what Ix was up to. Julie-su just up and left, quite possibly because of how she was treated in the legion, and because of that whole "soul touch" thing that Ken Penders wrote into the comics.
    So yeah, while there are similarities, there are also a lot of obvious differences, and I wanted to address those and put them into a discussion. If I think of other things to mention, I'll put them in here.

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