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    Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast- Jewel Chao


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    Sonic Adventure 2 Dreamcast- Jewel Chao

    Post by SonicChao4Life on Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:52 am

    To get Jewel Chao for Dreamcast's SA2, go here and have your VMU ready. It needs 6 blocks for download, and it can't have Chao Adventure or Chao Adventure 2 on. And it will be deleted once it gets transferred.


    Black Chao (With Highlights)

    The rare highlighted Black Chao is ready for trade! Plus, try to make it look like... him... *shiver*
    Cost: FREE!

    Silver Chao

    This Chao is the cheapest Jewel Chao around! I think of it as a squishy marshmallow. Razz
    Cost: 5 Emblems

    Gold Chao

    This Chao is pretty awesome. It's 1,000 Rings on the GBA, but it's only 10 Emblems for DC.
    Cost: 10 Emblems

    Ruby Chao, Sapphire Chao, Amethyst Chao, Emerald Chao

    Really awesome Chao! I wonder which one looks best as a Neutral Chaos Chao...
    Cost: 20 Emblems for each Chao

    Moon Chao

    One of the most rare Chao in existence! Without AR, it's just a myth. What shall you make of this rare Chao?
    Cost: 30 Emblems

    By the way, Chao on the Dreamcast don't last long unlike SA2B's Chao. I think it only lasts about 5 Dreamcast hours.


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