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    Dash Adventures Story Episode II- C.R.A.S.H. (Full Story- Updated w/ Reave)


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    Dash Adventures Story Episode II- C.R.A.S.H. (Full Story- Updated w/ Reave)

    Post by SonicChao4Life on Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:42 pm

    "Baby Peach, Ashley?" Crash questions, choosing Yoshi as his character. "Well, she's cute. Like me!" She responds quickly. Dash rolls his eyes in spite of that comment. "Plus," Ashley adds, "She's great with Tiny Titan." "Whatever," Crash groans, "Let's get this Mario Kart Wii Tournament started!" And the Dash crew cheers. Suddenly, the TV breaks. "What have you done to my Candy TV?!" Daze screams, rage scattered across his face. "Don't worry, I got it." Tails answers, and gets behind the TV. Tails paused... and stopped breathing. "Tails...?" Cream asks, trying to hide the nervous voice.

    "Is he breathing?" Sped asks. "Uh... Tails... are you OK?" Crash slowly approaches. "Uh, guys..." Daze points behind the crew.

    The Dash crew turns around, and it was too late to attack, for the mysterious gang throws purple triangles at some of the teammates. The triangles expand, and traps Cream, Ashley, and Sped. "Help!!" The girls scream. "YOU LET THEM GO, FREAKS!!" Quicksilver commands, bringing his fist up. "We'll see." Another voice responds, using a strange chaos energy to drag the trapped teammates in the air, closely behind the enemies. And the shadowy gang flies away with the female heroes. "Dash mates..." Dash answers, "We got us a new set of rivals. Crash, get your plasma sword ready. Quicksilver, get your Chaos Emerald set. Everyone else... follow close behind, and get ready for travel."

    "Where should we go, then?" Crash asks. "Maybe we should get to my workshop at the Mystic Ruins," Tails suggests, "I just finished a new plane model." "Okay, then," Dash announces, "To Tails' Workshop! Dash team, GO!" And everyone ran.

    Time was flying. Cheese, Daze, and Tails were tiring out real fast. "Chao, chao." Cheese whines. "I hear you... I wish I could fly." Daze replies. Then, a lightbulb flashed above Tails and Crash's heads. "I can levitate for a short time," Crash answers, "and Tails can fly, too." "Why didn't we try that BEFORE?!" Daze groans. "Beats me," Dash says, "Tails, Crash, get us to the workshop faster. ON THE DOUBLE!" "Ok, Dasher. Can I grab Prancer, too?" Crash jokes. Daze absolutely hated reindeer jokes. "Don't say anything about reindeer again, purple." Daze grumbles. Crash hears Daze, and comments "Ahem... lavender."

    After a couple of minutes, everyone was at Tails' Workshop. Tails walks into the workshop, and begins plane initiation. Crash walks over by the back of the workshop. "Boy, this place could use a trim." Crash mumbles to himself. "By the way, where's Sonic and Amy?" Daze asks, sitting on the steps. "Sonic said something about Twinkle Park," Dash answers, "And Amy is having the time of her life."*

    (* As heard in the epilogue of Dash Adventures.)

    "Behold," Tails announces, opening the plane ramp and garage door, " The S.S. DA$H!" Everyone is doing their share of "oohs" and "ahhs". Daze is silent, trying to keep a straight face. "Man, that's good, but I'll act like it's nothing new. Maybe by doing acts like this, I can impress Sped when we get her back!" Daze thinks to himself. "Everyone, hop on!" Tails yells. The Dash crew gets on board the impressive plane. "By the way," Electro asks to Tails, "Why couldn't you just use the Tornado II?" "Incase you didn't know already, it got blown up by the Egg Carrier. I really should have made landing gear..."**

    (** As seen in Sonic Adventure DX.)

    "By the way," Tails adds, "I made a tracking device on this one. We can track the girls on this radar." "Dash crew," Dash announces, pointing his finger up, "Let's go find our female friends!" And they were off.

    "Is everyone okay down there?" Tails calls to the team, in the back of the plane. The team just ignores Tails, and continues their conversations. "I hate it when they don't listen to me." Tails groans. "Hey," Electro says, "Those freak shows wouldn't just let us into their place. We need a plan, and some power sources." "If you haven't noticed already," Quicksilver remarks, pulling out a Chaos Emerald, "I already have one of the seven Chaos Emeralds." "And I have a Sol Emerald powering my Plasma Sword," Crash says, pulling out the mysterious gem, "If we truly need this, that is." "I don't feel so well..." Daze grumbles. Daze puckers up his face, looks up, and barfs down below. "Clean up on Isle 7!" Crash jokes. "Haven't I heard that before?" Dash thinks to himself.

    A giant, black cannonball misses the plane on it's side. "WHOA!!" Crash says. The whole team was shook. "Dash team, BATTLE STATIONS!!" Dash announces. Crash, Quicksilver, and Dash head up to the front of the plane, to counter the attacks. BOOM!! The second cannonball has fired. Dash throws an Ice Spear at it, and sends it back. BOOM!! The third cannonball has fired. Crash does an uppercut with his Plasma Sword, and flings the cannonball upward. BOOM!! The fourth cannonball has fired. Quicksilver uses the Chaos Emerald, and screams, "CHAOS CONTROL!" And teleports the cannonball to somewhere where nobody will get squashed.

    Tails decided to join the fight, too. He presses another button to fire some missiles. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!! "I found out what is firing cannonballs at us!" Tails announces. "The freaks?" Crash says. "No... its-" Tails gets interrupted by the E.G.G.M.A.N. song that all of a sudden played in the S.S. DA$H. "Eggman's fleet is firing at us? What's he got to do with anything?" Dash asks, countering another cannonball. "I don't know, but I think he's now trying to help the people who stole Cream!" Tails answers. "Don't forget Satsuki, Sped, and Ashley." Electro adds.

    "Greetings, my freakish fellows." Eggman introduces, breaking into Tails' monitor. "I've got something in store for you..." The team gasps.


    "Dash and his friends will save us!" Sped yells, still trapped in the triangle prison. "Mr. Dash and his nice friends will get us out of here!" Cream screams, trying to hide tears. "I believe your so called 'heroes' won't arrive on time," the shadowy character cackles. "Who are you, anyways?" Sped asks. "I... am Neekwas, the opposite of Sonic. And here is my team... Sliat, Yma, and Selkcunk." The shadowy figures reveal themselves. "LET ME OUT, YOU MEANIES!!" Cream yells. "Sorry, 'Bunnie'. Tails is only going to find Whipped Cream on his Death Sundae." Cream was getting furious. A strange, red aura started to appear over her. "Gee, Cream is upset." Ashley thinks. Cream's eyes got as red as the lava of a volcano. Cream was getting into a form unknown. Cream punched the triangle prison, and it broke completely. "Oh, shoot." Neekwas says, with fear. Cream charges at Neekwas, full throttle.

    "What's the surprise, Egghead?!" Electro jeers. "I've started my ARK project that was abandoned years ago,"* Eggman explains, "And I've got EXTRA help this time."

    (*As seen in Sonic Adventure 2.)

    The team gasps in horror... again. "Oh, great. Who's your help this time?" Daze asks. "I'll give you THREE guesses." Eggman cackles insanely. Tails' eyes widen. "Cream, Ashley, and Sped!" Tails screams. Everyone gasps yet again. "That's right, Dash crew!!" Eggman answers, "Your poor damsels in distress will be hypnotized and obey MY orders! Then, with all the Sol Emeralds, I'll put their power in the ARK's cannon, and blow up the Earth, and build the Eggman Empire on it's ruins!!" The crazed scientist cackles again, and leaves the plane.

    BANG!! A cannonball hits the plane's wing. "Aggh!! We're gonna crash!!" Tails yells. "I'm telling you Crash, I've heard this before!" Dash says. The plane spins out of control, and the gang flies all around. And Daze continues to barf. "Hey, watch it Prancer! Someone is gonna hit your spew in the face." "REVENGE, PURPLE!" Daze says, confidently. "SHUT UP, DAZE!!" Everyone yells.

    BOOM! The plane crashes, and everyone hits the ceiling of the plane. "Ugh... that hurt." Crash grumbles. "Gah," Daze groans, "Did that have to happen?" "Eggman got us distracted," Dash answers, "It's part of the plan." "Somehow, my monitor of the plane is still working," Tails says, "And it's ticking down to something." Quicksilver gives Tails a look, and says, "It's ticking down to the end of the world, foxy loxy. Didn't you hear the egg maniac?" "Then we have..." Electro says, walking over to the monitor, "Ten hours, fifty six minutes, and twenty seven seconds."

    "We don't have much time, guys," Dash announces, getting up, "We need to move. Where are we, anyway?" Crash looks around. "Looks like we hit Emerald Coast," Crash answers, "Next to Station Square." A light-bulb lit above Dash's head. "Tails," Dash asks, "Isn't there a boat to the Egg Carrier in the city?" "I forgot completely about that... I think it's still there." Tails confirms. "Then we gotta get to the Egg Carrier, find another plane, and head to the kidnappers." Dash replies. "Lets go!" Crash announces, getting out of the plane, and running. The rest of the team follow.




    "How big IS this beach?!" Daze groans, tiring out. "We're only halfway there." Dash says. Just then, Daze got an idea. "Crash... don't you unlock a 'Sugar Rush' form when you eat more than 3 pieces of candy an hour?" Daze says, with a smirk. "Yeah, why?" Crash responds, giving Daze a look. Everyone stopped to listen for Daze. Daze grabs a handful of sour candy from his sweatshirt pocket, and stuffed it into Crash's mouth. Everyone gasps at the sight. "Daze, what are you doing?!" Dash screams. "We'll get to the Egg Carrier twice as fast, DUH!" Daze answers.

    All of a sudden, Crash shakes uncontrollably. His pupils quickly disappear, and a giant, white glow is covering his skin. "DaZeIlLgEtYoUfOrThIs!!" Crash screams, quickly. Crash becomes so bright, the whole Dash crew looks away. "WeLlSiNcEdAzEsAiDaLlThAtHoPoN!!" Crash yells very quickly. He really couldn't control his speed. The whole team shuts their eyes tightly, and reaches for Crash's hands. As soon as everyone got a hold of Crash, he blasts off, at light-speed. Daze and Tails started losing their grip, but they held on tighter. "This could've been my biggest blunder yet..." Daze grumbles. Crash overhears Daze, and yells at him, "YoUtHiNk?!"


    (Meanwhile, at Twinkle Park)

    "Oh, Sonic! This is the best day ever!!" Amy says, gleefully. "I'm having fun here too, Ames." Sonic agrees. The roller coaster speeds up, and the two love birds enjoy the ride.

    (Now, back to the action!!)


    "Now, where's that plane Dash mentioned?" Crash mumbles to himself, as he finally powered down. Electro and Daze were adjusting their faces from the flight, still. "Anything, Quicksilver?" Dash calls. "Nope." Quicksilver responds. "Hey... a button!" Daze says, finding a big, red button on the floor. Daze pushes the buttton, and a spare Egg Mobile appears from under the Egg Carrier storage. The Dash crew looks at Daze. "Nice one, Prancer," Crash jokes, "Nice." "Uh," Daze shrugs, "Thanks." "Ok, Tails, press buttons and find out how we get the girls back." Dash commands. "Already doing it," Tails calls, "I found a steering wheel." "Oh, a car!" Crash says, heading to the Egg Mobile. "Well, I guess it is." Tails mumbles. Crash hops into the Egg Mobile, and hits the gear. He shifts the gear to reverse. But Crash hit the gas pedal a little too early, and crashed into the Control Room. "Oops..." Crash says. The Dash crew is furious.

    "Now, we're stranded on a broken ship, and we're all gonna die." Daze groans. "Hold on, guys." Quicksilver reminds the Dash crew, showing off his Chaos Emerald, "We still can teleport." "Yeah, but where? We have no idea where the girls are." Dash argues. All of a sudden, a voice seems to enter our heroes' minds. "Space Colony... ARK." "Did anyone hear that? Er, think that?" Crash asks. "THAT'S where we'll find our girls!" Tails announces. "The ARK!" "Okay then," Dash says, "Quicksilver, Crash, lets head to space!"

    "It won't work," a mysterious voice says. "Who said that?" Crash asked, looking around. "I did," the voice responds. The Dash crew finds a lavender skinned, long quilled, and beautiful girl. She has wonderfully cyan eyes. Crash was staring at her, and soon, fell in love. "Uh... hi..." Crash walks up to the girl, trying to hide his shyness, "My name is Crash the Hedgehog. I'm Dash's mate." Crash gives a hand in front of the girl, and the girl grabbed Crash's hand.. They shook hands, knowing the girl wasn't a rival. "My name... is Toxic." The girl says.

    "What do you mean 'it won't work'?" Tails asks Toxic. "A Chaos Emerald is useless at this point. The Chaos Emerald needs a companion, a second emerald. And Eggman is looking for the Sol Emeralds." Toxic answers. "So I can't use my Sol Emerald?" Crash says, eyes wide. "Sol Emeralds can track each other," Toxic says, "If Eggman has at least one Sol Emerald, he can collect the other 5 very quickly. And the last Sol Emerald is in Crash's Plasma Sword." Everyone looks at Crash. Crash looks at everyone else and responds, "What?" "Crash," Dash whispers in Crash's ear, "We need your Sol Emerald." "Why?!" Crash jeers. "Because you destroyed our ticket into the ARK, and we can't trust you losing that emerald." Dash answers, easily. Crash, trying to hide tears, gave up his sword. Dash takes the Sol Emerald, stored in the sword, and hands it to Quicksilver. Toxic, who is hiding her feelings towards Crash, feels very sorry for him...

    "Man," Daze says, walking over to Crash, "You surely screwed this trip up." Daze just couldn't help but laugh at what just happened. Toxic frowned, and activated some special Chaos Energy to lift up Daze. "What's going on?!" Daze screams. Toxic moves her arm toward the sea, and makes a fist. Daze flies toward the sea, like a lonely cannonball. Toxic then deactivates the Chaos Energy, and confronts Crash. "Don't feel bad, Crash." Toxic says, putting her arm over him. Crash couldn't do anything but cry at this point. "My team betrayed me," Crash sobs.

    "Okay, team..." Dash announces, "Now, we gotta find a second Chaos Emerald in less than 9 hours." "Actually," Tails interrupts, "It's only been half an hour. We have six minutes until nine hours." "Well, whatever. Let's go find it." Electro cuts it short, and the team heads to the sea. Fortunately, Daze got a head start.


    "What am I gonna do?" Crash says, sniffling. "My team is betraying me. All because of my dumb animal instincts." "Instincts?" Toxic asks, "You're instincts... are fine. Just the way they are." Toxic kissed Crash's ear. Crash begins to get up. "You're right..." Crash agrees, getting up, "I'll prove my worth. I gotta do something great so my team appreciates me again!" Crash runs toward the sea, and does a perfect dive. Toxic follows.

    (Meanwhile, at Twinkle Park)

    "Something is bothering me, Ames." Sonic says. "About us...?" Amy asks, covering the nervous part of her voice. "No... it's Dash and his friends. I feel something... like some kind of germ is invading my blood stream..." Sonic responds, "Maybe we should help them." "They helped me save your life, Sonic. Why shouldn't we help?" Amy agrees. The two get off the roller coaster, and head for the exit of the park.

    (Meanwhile, again)

    Crash and Toxic follow closely behind the Dash crew, swimming quickly. Maybe we shouldn't have left Crash and Toxic on the Egg Carrier... Dash thinks to himself. I actually feel sorry for him, Dash. Daze responds. Everyone had their eyes wide. How'd you hear my thoughts?! Dash thinks, loudly. This is no ordinary sea, Toxic answers, This sea is the son of Chaos. You see, Poseidon placed a curse on Chaos, who was once a Chao. Poseidon cursed Chaos for abusing animal power, to bully his friends. Then, to make sure no Chao caused harm, Poseidon started cursing other Chao. But he was defeated by Zeus, who saved all the Chao. So you mean this sea is just a bunch of cursed Chao? Electro asks, giving a face that looks like he is disgusted. Actually, yes... it's sad... Toxic confirms, holding back a tear. Crash just realized how passionate Toxic is about Chao...

    Hello? Earth to wierdos? We need to find the 2nd Chaos Emerald. Quicksilver reminds the crew. And the Dash crew continues onward. Does anyone else feel a warm spot? Daze groans. The Dash crew backs up from Daze. Oof!! Daze thinks, hitting an invisible barrier. The team looks at Daze, falling to the sea floor, unconscious. Electro heads to Daze to pick him up. The heck? Crash thinks, putting up his hand to the barrier. It's a trap! Dash announces, as the barrier becomes visible. The barrier extends to capture the whole Dash crew. Thank goodness, Crash thinks, Now I can do that amazing thing... but what am I gonna do?


    The Dash crew and the barrier begins to be lifted. Are we gonna be trapped in this water dome forever? Tails worries. Maybe not... hopefully. Toxic answers. Hey, look! A hole! Electro points to a leaking gap at the side of the barrier. Traitor!! Quicksilver yells. He's going to save you, Toxic assures, I just know it.


    "I got a plan now..." Crash mumbles to himself.

    (Meanwhile, again)

    Quicksilver reaches for the Sol Emerald... but he can't find it. OI!! That lavender freak took the Sol Emerald!! Quicksilver thinks with rage. The Dash crew gasps. Toxic begins to worry... then, she gets an idea. Quicksilver, hand me the Chaos Emerald. Toxic thinks. Quicksilver hands over the Chaos Emerald, and Toxic begins using her Chaos Energy. The hole begins to extend, letting the water drain out of the barrier. Now that all the water has drained, the whole Dash crew gets a breath of air. Daze coughs a little bit, and he begins to recover. "Why didn't the gal do that before?" Daze groans. "It's just how my Chaos Energy works." Toxic responds. "Stop arguing. At least Daze is okay now." Dash interrupts.

    (Meanwhile, again again. Again & again after each other makes no sense. Razz)

    Crash activates his Sol Emerald, and focuses his mind on the barrier. He needed good focus to get the power to work. He grunted his teeth, and focused harder than ever before. Then, a loud, smash sound is heard. Crash has broken the barrier, freeing the Dash crew (or so he thought.) He then sees the Dash crew swimming toward him. "Did I save you all?" Crash asks. "We got out before you used the Sol Emerald, stupid." Quicksilver answers. "Well, he did save me, of course." Toxic hugs Crash, and Crash just hugs back. He couldn't really do anything but blush, at this point.

    "Tails... how much time to we have left...?" Electro asks. Tails grabs a watch, and answers, "We have 9 hours, 39 minutes, and 16 seconds." "Hey, I think I found the second emerald..." Daze points to behind a rock. A strange light is shining there. "Good work, Daze..." Dash says, grabbing the emerald, and tossing it to Quicksilver. Crash walks over to Dash, and says, "Bros?" Crash holds a fist. Dash gives a fist back, and responds, "Bros." They both smiled. "Now can we go to the ARK?" Quicksilver says, impatiently. "Maybe," Toxic responds, "But we need an extra source of energy." "And that would be coming at you, Toxic... right?" Crash asks. "My Chaos Energy? I suppose..." Toxic answers. Quicksilver hands Toxic the two Chaos Emeralds, and she focuses her energy on them.

    "Everyone, huddle!!" Toxic yells. The Dash crew huddles together, including Toxic, and forces her other arm at the sky. A white barrier begins to shape across the Dash crew, and continues to expand. And when the barrier closes, Quicksilver and Toxic scream, "CHAOS CONTROL!!" And the Dash crew teleports...

    Cream decides to calm down for a little bit. She transforms back to herself, and Neekwas gets up. "Man..." Neekwas grunted, "You're a timid little bunny, aren't you?" Ashley has apparently fallen asleep, and Yma starts knocking on her prison triangle. Sped just bangs her head on the prison wall, hoping for Daze to save her. A loud noise, like a tele-porting noise, echoes through the ARK. "What was that...?" Sliat groans.

    Toxic gives the two Chaos Emeralds back to Quicksilver. "Gosh, it's dark in here..." Crash mumbles. Electro activates his lightning power to light up the hallway. "It's unguarded here." Dash says. "This should be easy, then." Daze smirks. "We need a test dummy, to see if there's a trap." Quicksilver says. "Any volunteers? Prancer?" Crash grins at Daze, and everyone looks at Daze, a second later. "Its always me, isn't it?" Daze groans.

    Daze runs to the first path. He keeps on running, and running, and running. When he tires out, he stuffs a few chocolate bon bons in his mouth. After an hour of running, he meets up with the gang. "I was going forward the whole flippin' time!!" Daze screams. An alarm sounds. 1N7RUD3RZ!! A voice echoes. "Oh gosh..." Toxic says. The 'Artificial Chaos' guardians start skimming the hallways for the Dash crew. "We've been spotted, guys! Go, go, go!" Dash yells, the crew running as fast as they can. Crash grabs Toxic's hand, and rushes. Toxic couldn't help but blush.

    "'Intruders', eh?" Selkcunk cackles. "Well, there's five steps to get an insta - slave. First, they need to be brainwashed." Neekwas responds. The four villains grab the girls, and walk to another hallway.

    (Meanwhile with Sonic & Amy)

    With a newly, redesigned Station Square, people everywhere are getting the latest news. "Station Square is just so more advanced, Ames. I can't tell where I'm going anymore..." Sonic says. Just then... Eggman appears on all the TV stations, on every TV in Station Square. "Greetings, Station Square. You might remember me from the flood, and blowing up the moon. But this time, I'm going to blast every living thing on Earth in exactly 9 hours, 30 minutes, and 20 seconds. May you live your life to the fullest for now, and if you DO survive my master plan, you shall become my slaves!" Eggman cackles, chokes, and cuts off the transition. Instead of a program, the countdown continues. The people shriek in fear. "Get the kids, Sarah!" Someone calls. "Where's my taxi?!" Another person yells.

    Sonic frowns. "Egghead and the ARK is involved, Ames." Amy gasps.

    (Back with Crash & friends)

    "Is there a snack machine or something in this place?!" Daze groans. "Daze, we've only ran for ten minutes. Besides," Crash responds, "We're being followed." The Dash crew stops, and gasps. In front of them was a pit filled with acid, the exact size of a football field. (The sport with the pigskin, and throwing it to a hoop. Razz) "Oh, man." Electro mumbles. "What are we gonna do?!" Tails screams. "Hey, look!" Crash points to a broken piece of metal. "Hey, Toxic. Can't you use your energy thingy to make a bridge out of this?" Crash asks. "I think I can..." Toxic answers, focusing Chaos Energy on the broken metal with one arm, and the acid field with the other. The broken metal suddenly disappeared from where it was, and a floating bridge suddenly appeared.

    "We can move on, now." Dash announces. The Dash crew continues to move onward. "Laser traps!" Dash stops, holding back the others. They all stopped to look at the laser trap set upon them. "The gaps are too tiny for any of us to cross." Daze complains. Just then, Tails spots the kidnappers, bringing the girls past the trap, to a hallway. "I saw Cream and the others..." Tails declares. "We gotta do something, people!" Dash says. "We could always teleport past the trap." Quicksilver suggests. Dash sighs.

    COUNTDOWN: 9:14:03

    The kidnappers walk the girls over to their seats. They get strapped in, and the girls try very hard to get out, but there is no way out. Luckily, the Dash crew follows closely behind. (Did I mention they teleported past the trap?) "So, Cream..." Neekwas asks, pacing, "You do like Tails, don't you?" Cream keeps her mouth shut. "I've seen quite a few moments you two came close," Neekwas laughs, "And you can't say no. Everybody knows you're falling for him. But if you don't want to be embearassed by this... you could always forget about it. And I can help you there, Cream." Tails holds back tears, and Dash puts a hand on his shoulder, trying to stop him. "But I gotta save Cream!" Tails whispers. "I'm waiting for a perfect moment." Dash replies. Neekwas walks toward a control box. He pulls a lever, and pushes a button. A small plunger slowly descends from the ceiling, and targets at Cream's head. "Don't do it!!" Tails screams, charging at Cream, to save her. "You're too late, fox!" Yma responds. The plunger hits Cream, and Cream goes unconscious. "Cream, NO!!" Tails yells, dropping to his knees, in tears. "Dash crew, GO!" Dash announces. The whole Dash crew yells their battle cries, and rushes to destroy the kidnappers.

    Tails runs to Cream, confronting her. "Are you okay?" Tails asks. Cream wakes up, slowly. "Ugh... what's going on?" Cream asks, "Who are you...?" Tails cries again. "No, no, no... please, no..." Tails says. "Look, mister, I don't know what's going on, and I don't know why you're upset." Cream responds. Crash looks at Tails, while trying to stab Yma with his Plasma Sword. Crash then suddenly gets sent to a flashback in his own mind. "Where did Crash go?" Toxic asks.

    Crash wakes up from the floor. "Did we win?" Crash asks. He looks around. Nobody is in the room. "Where did everyone go?" Crash says to himself. He begins to walk around. Crash suddenly hears a familiar voice, "Put the emerald down, and back off!" Crash runs straight to the Abandoned Lab. He peeks past the doorway. Crash gasps, as he sees Sonic putting down the fake Chaos Emerald in front of Eggman. Zero, Crash's long lost brother, was following him. Eggman cackles evilly, and pushes a button, trapping both Sonic and Zero. "You think you could trick me with that fake emerald, didn't you?" Eggman lies. "So, how'd you find out it wasn't the real one?" Tails asks. "TAILS!!" Zero groans. "Because you just told me, fox boy!" Eggman answered, "Now for a space ride..." Sonic turns to Tails, and says, "I'm counting on you, Tails. And Amy..." Sonic then turns to Amy, who is shedding tears, "Take care of yourself." Zero says, "We can do this." Then, Eggman pushes a button, and the two hedgehogs fall into space. As Sonic picks up the fake Chaos Emerald, he teleports, escaping his doom, leaving Crash's brother in the fiery landscape of his own death. BOOM!!
    "Sonic!!" Amy cries. Crash, shedding a tear, now understands how it feels to lose somebody you loved.

    Crash wakes up again. "Was that... my past...?" Crash mumbles, putting his hand on his head. He turns around, but only to find Daze, Tails, and Cream. "Daze..." Crash walks over to Daze, "Where's everyone?" Daze gets up from the floor, and groans, "They went to the Abandoned Lab..." Crash's eyes go wide. His flashback was really a prediction. Toxic and the Dash crew might be sent to their doom, if Crash didn't do something fast. "Tails, I know this isn't a good time, but how long do we have?!" Crash rushes to Tails, who is still confronting Cream. "We have exactly 3 hours..." Tails replies. Crash brings out the Sol Emerald he had. "For you... Zero... I will save everyone..." Crash promises, clutching the Sol Emerald hard, and rushing down the hallway.


    Crash hurries down the hallway, looking at broken experiments and abandoned projects, scattered across the paths. How long was that battle?! And how did they protect me?! Crash thinks, still focusing on the Abandoned Lab. Crash gasps, and sees Electro, laying on his stomach, having a difficult time breathing. "Dude," Crash says, rushing to Electro, "I think you need an inhaler." Crash clutches his Sol Emerald, and an inhaler magically appears in Crash's other hand. He gives it to Electro, and Electro breathes deeply. Electro gets up, and thanks Crash for help. "The Dash crew is missing Ashley," Electro adds, "I think she got hit hard somewhere down that hall." Crash runs to the hall, thinking that his brother, Zero, was still alive, and helping him. "Crash," Zero would say, "Toxic and your other friends need your help. Keep going, man!" And Crash got more determined than ever to save the world.


    Finally, Crash finds Ashley, having a giant chunk of the hallway wall, crushing her. "H...help... me..." She mumbles. Crash tries to lift the chunk of wall, but he doesn't have enough energy. Crash remembers the one thing that rushed through Sonic's mind, when he was almost defeated by Nazo, earlier*: The servers are the seven chaos. Chaos is power. Power enriched by the heart... And Crash manages to lift the chunk of wall, and throws it out of the way. Ashley coughs a few times, and gets up. "Thanks, Crash..." Ashley says, kissing Crash on the cheek. "We need to save everyone else, Ashley." Crash responds, and goes on his way. "Good luck!" Ashley calls, waving.

    (*From Dash Adventures.)


    Crash makes it to the Abandoned Lab, with half an hour to spare. "Hahahaha, Dash and friends! You AND your planet shall be eliminated!" Eggman cackles, with six Sol Emeralds in his clutch. "We have enough energy to stop you!" Quicksilver yells. "I'm here... and sorry to keep you all waiting." Crash admits, walking into the room. "Nice timing, dude." Dash replies. "It's time to build my ULTIMATE WEAPON!!" Eggman announces, using the six Sol Emeralds. All of a sudden, Crash loses grip of his Sol Emerald, and the Sol Emerald joins the other six. "Stupid hedgehogs!" Eggman laughs. Chunks of the ARK assemble, and circle Eggman, faster and faster. And soon enough, a giant, Eggman - looking robot is standing in front of the heroes. "Meet Egg-Robo Mark 9!" Eggman yells. "Oh, crud." Dash mumbles.


    "You can't stop me now!!" Eggman cackles insanely. "Dash crew, GO!" Dash commands, the team attacking the robot. "Wow... not a scratch." Eggman notes. The Dash crew looks at the robot, no harm was delt. They all gulp. "My super armor worked!" Eggman laughs, "And now you perish!" Eggman's robot brings out a giant cannon, and targets it at Satsuki. "Not this time, Egghead!" A voice calls. "Who said that?" Crash asks, looking around. A golden - like furred lion flies into the scene, and responds, "I did. I'll take care of this guy first," the lion says, flying to the face of the robot. The lion fires a golden beam at the robot's body, and defeats the robot. The Dash crew cheers, but not for long. Eggman flies back up, in an even bigger robot than before. "Forget you... I'll just destroy the Earth!" Eggman calls, leaving the ARK.


    "Who are you, anyway?" Sped asks. "The name is Reave," The lion says, " And I can't attack for now. It'll take 6 minutes to recharge a beam." "Then it's up to me..." Crash volunteers, stepping forward, "The servers are the seven chaos. Chaos is power, power is enriched by the heart..." Crash focuses his energy to Eggman's 7 Sol Emeralds, and drags the energy to himself. Crash slowly gets brighter and brighter, and soon enough, he transforms to Zuper Crash. Crash flies out of the ARK, and prepares to fight Eggman one last time.




    "Ah... Crash the Hedgehog." Eggman greets. "You killed my brother," Crash replies, frowning, "You're going to pay for that." Crash fires a white beam at Eggman, but it misses.


    "It's too late to save your planet now!" Eggman cackles, "The Eggman Empire shall take over!!" Crash fires another beam at the villain, and misses. "I need to work on that aim," Crash notes. Eggman turns toward Earth, and charges an arm cannon. "I can't let you do this, Egghead." Crash calls, rushing toward the robot.


    Crash bashes through one arm, and Eggman is shaken. "I have plenty more cannons than just my arm!" Eggman laughs, "You can't stop me!" Crash growls, and pushes his limits to light speed. "Gee, now I know how the astronauts in training feel." Crash mumbles to himself.


    Crash tries bashing through the robot's stomach, but he keeps on missing. "Curse my aim!!" Crash yells. Eggman targets the Earth, and counts down. "Almost there!" Eggman cackles.


    Crash finally smashes the core of the robot. "What?!" Eggman screams, feeling a little pale. Unfourtunately, he still manages to have enough energy to fire the cannon.


    "NO!!" Crash yells, dashing to the front of the cannon. And the countdown stopped at 0:00:00. "Fire!!" Eggman laughs, pushing a button. A very big laser fires at the Earth. Crash hits the laser to counter it, and tries to push it. Crash is losing a lot of energy by doing this. "We need to help Crash!" Dash announces. "Get your super forms ready!" Dash transforms into his hyper form, while everyone else transforms to their super forms. The Dash crew rushes to help. "We're here to help!" Quicksilver calls. "About time!" Crash responds. They all push at the laser, trying to stop it. But even this kind of energy isn't enough to stop it. Crash imagines Zero, next to him, giving it his all. "Give it your all, bro. We won't stop... we'll just go." Zero would say. Crash starts giving more power. He grunts, and gives it his all. "The servers are the seven chaos. Chaos is power, power enriched by the heart!" Crash yells, "POWER IS ENRICHED BY THE HEART!!" And Crash gets enough energy to slowly push back the laser. "What?!" Eggman answers, nervous. "Keep pushing, guys!" Electro screams. And everyone gets more energy. BOOM!! The robot explodes. The whole Dash crew cheers, and so does the Station Square residents. Toxic reverts back to her normal state, and faints. Crash catches her, in his arms. "Maybe we should go back to Tails' Workshop..." Crash suggests.


    "I'm real sorry, bro." Sonic admits, sitting down, next to Tails. "She can't remember anything..." Tails sniffles. "She'll remember everything soon..." Sonic replies, "We just need to find the Chaos Emeralds again." Tails stands up, and answers, "You're right. We can't give up. Lets go find the emeralds!" "Alright! A new adventure!" Sonic cheers. "Sonic, wait for me!!" Amy calls. Sonic turns around, grabs Amy's hand, and runs again. "Sorry, Ames. I didn't know you were there." Sonic says. "It's okay." Amy replies.

    Dash sits on top of a building. He sighs. Crash walks over to Dash, and confronts him. "Why the long face? We saved everyone." Crash reminds him. "Not everyone..." Dash replies, bringing out a picture of his brother, Zack. "Who's this? I don't remember this guy." Crash asks. "I didn't mention Zack... he's my younger brother. I used Quicksilver's Chaos Emerald to make him shut up and invisible... and stuff." Dash answers, "He got killed in the laser event." Crash sits down next to him, and says, "Why'd you do that to him?" Crash asks. "I was really annoyed by him. He ticked me off. I shouldn't have done all that, shouldn't I?" Dash responds. Crash nods his head. "Why don't you go to the smoothie shop with Ashley?" Crash suggests, "She invited everyone. We still have time for the free refills event." "No thanks." Dash answers. "Well," Crash says, walking away, "I'll bring you back a 'Blue Raspberry Shocker'."


    "Ugh... my head..." Neekwas groans, "Those fools might have killed my friends, but I shall have revenge! I SHALL- OOF!" A chunk of rock crushes the villain. "Does anyone have a Chaos Emerald?" Neekwas calls, "Or at least a chisel?!"


    That's my story. Now, to take over the world write a sequel by the time I get to my 1550 post goal. Very Happy


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