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    Cream in SADX


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    Cream in SADX

    Post by EchidnaPower on Tue Feb 09, 2010 7:28 am

    Ever wonder what Cream was doing with the ice stone? Well, here's the answer!

    One day Cream was exploring a meadow, she wanted to make one of her signature flower crowns, just for fun. But then, from the distance, she saw something glimmer in the sun, it wasn't too far off, so she went to go check it out. "Whoa, what's this?" Cream wondered. "Chao Chao" Cheese chirped, agreeing with her statement. Cream picked up the ice stone, and rotated it in her hands, examining it, trying to figure out what it was. "This is very pretty, maybe I should show it to Tails! He might be able to figure it out, since he's so smart." Cream figured. Cream started flapping her ears, and flew over Station Square on the way to Tails' workshop. "I sure hope he's not too busy." Cream thought. She began to daydream of about all the things they had done together. They've always had lots of fun together, and she really enjoyed being with him, even though she didn't always know what he was talking about. But while she was daydreaming, she didn't realize that she had dropped the stone. "Hmmm, what's wrong Cheese?" asked Cream. "Chao Chao Chao Chao Chao!!" Cheese chirped angrily. "Oh no! I dropped the stone didn't I?" Cream said sadly. Cheese only nodded his head. "I'm sorry Cheese, do you forgive me?" asked Cream. "Chao Chao" Cheese chirped once again, acknowledging her being forgiven. "Thank you Cheese. Oh, look at the time! Mother will be wondering where we are, since it's almost lunch time. Come on Cheese!" Cream said as she turned around and flew for home. "Chao Chao!" Cheese said happily at the mention of food.

    Just a sweet one-shot. Wink


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    Re: Cream in SADX

    Post by SonicChao4Life on Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:16 pm

    I guess that's what Cream WOULD do, if she was able to be a playable character.
    One time, I attempted to chase her as Tails, but I hit an invisible barrier. Stupid invisible barriers... Sad


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