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    Sonic Zone's Ulimate Darkness: World Travellation

    Mikey the Echidna
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    Sonic Zone's Ulimate Darkness: World Travellation

    Post by Mikey the Echidna on Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:32 pm

    Yeah, this is my first fanfic. I'm writing the second one now =3

    “There’s no way out Rendel…you may have destroyed my army, and my home, but you have not destroyed me” the dark hedgehog stood sideways, his bloodshot eyes angrily glaring at the defenceless wolf, whose scythe had been knocked out of his paw and off of the cliff that they were standing on. Rendel had been following this hedgehog ever since the Sonic Zone had fallen into darkness and it had led him to the underworld. On the way he had discovered his most prized possession which was now lost, and he knew the end of the battle was near, but he did not want to give up so he jumped at the hedgehog and got his paw ready to strike the evil figure. Suddenly in a few seconds a chill fell down his spine as he saw darkness cover the hedgehog…next thing he knew there was a huge bang, a flash of dark smoke and an increase of speed of the wind in his face…he had fallen…

    Mikey was always fascinated by this story... The legend of Rendel and the everlasting darkness, and he wondered if it was real…He wanted to be a brave and strong adventurer like Rendel one day so he could discover treasures and defeat evil. He was quite scared though as this book had just been published last year and the world they were in last year was not covered in darkness… He closed the book and slid it back into its place, then left the sonic zone library and ran back home. On the way he thought that if the book was published last year but was not covered in darkness, then maybe it was a different part of the sonic zone, maybe the complete other side of it… He had heard that there was an unpredicted storm over there but paid no attention to it…but he ceased his thoughts and knew that maybe these may just be myths. On the way home he met his friends and had a little chat about how Mayor John of the town gilliston was giving away places for people of the age of 13 to 20 to explore more of the Sonic Zone world. Mikey, Shadic, Guy, and Jet applied for it so that they could go on their own adventure and explore the sonic zone. “*yawn* err guys, I’ll see ya tomorrow, I’m kinda tired and I wanna get ready to go on our little “adventure” tomorrow. See ya” Mikey left his group and went home, to sleep. Now, here's a few facts about his friends...Jet and guy were kinda like brothers, except they looked different colours, and they followed each other everywhere except from breakfast lunch dinner, sleeping and going to the loo…it got kinda creepy…
    Then there was Shadic, just an ordinary white hedgehog who looked a bit like that guy from the Nazo unleashed flash, so he got named Shadic…I know…weird…
    So these awesome guys decided that they wanted a cool adventure and BAM the opportunity came up like John had just heard them from 10 miles away, but as some people may know, adventures aren’t ALL fun and games! *insert evil laugh here*

    After a long nights sleep, a few twists and turns, some nice cold milk and a few cookies, Mikey, Jet, Guy and Shadic set off on their walk to Gilliston leaving a note on their pillows to their parents saying that “a disease was coming and they decided to escape before it reached” Pfff……yeah, very believable story…
    They met up at the exit from their town “Red hill zone” and got ready to leave with all their camping stuff, including a stick as a weapon in case any wild n00bs attacked them. Jet’s legs were hurting already so he decided to say “Hey guys, I brought my JTH-type board and I could just fly over there: p, I’ll see ya there!” Jet got out his JTH-type board and everyone just stared in awe as the board was HUGE and like four times Jet’s size, they also wondered how it fit into his bag 0.o. Just when he was about to fly off everyone jumped onto the board to get a ride, Jet just managed to hang on but eventually it crashed and banged…
    “Well, Jet, you shouldn’t leave US behind, especially when we have wild n0obs out here D:” Shadic said, recovering from the 1 foot fall, Jet brushed off some dust and metal and replied with “Well you DO have the strongest weapon here! You haz the stick! I mean SERIOUSLY! Barely ANYONE can get the weapons nowadays, you’re lucky” He leant on a tree which was in front of a million trees making up the forbidden forest, while everyone gave him the dumb look, “Anyway, it’s not called a n0ob, it’s called a n00b, get the circles slightly higher mate”. Jet packed the broken board into his bag with a few cursing grunts and they carried on their walk to Gilliston. On about half way they could here the echoes of “can you feel the sunshine” and a red glow in the distance, but eventually it faded “Whoah, what was that?” said Guy “I thought it was Jet’s Sonic R ringtone and my feathers reflecting light…meh, it’ll go eventually…” A few minutes later they heard it again, but this time louder, Shadic, Jet and Mikey fell, with only Guy standing. He went to go into Shadic’s bag to get the stick which would defend him but when he saw Shadic, he had stitches all over his body and a toy label on him which was blurred out. The scary part didn’t happen yet, a gem glowed above all the guys as their doll bodies hovered up and all their blood stained teeth shone bright white, Guy then saw them raise knives and slowly go towards him, and--.
    “AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” Guy shot up from lying down and woke up, only to find that he was in a hospital “Hey guy, you okay?”, Guy turned his head right to see all his friend looking at him with big glaring eyes, Mikey said “Uhhh…what happened mate? You fainted half way through the walk and Jet had to carry you the rest of the way, right now we’re in the Gilliston hospital, we better get you out now…”

    Mikey, Jet, Guy and Shadic went to Mayor John’s town hall and got ready to explore the world. “Okay you lot, it’s a strange and dangerous world out there, so stay together and make sure you don’t run into any trouble”, John gave them each badges which said “Sonic Zone’s Exploration team” and gave them weapons: Shields, Swords, Staffs, and gave Jet a new JTH-Type Board. The room was getting colder after they got their items so they covered themselves up with some thick warm coats Shadic had packed, then in the shadows, Mikey spotted a cloaked figure with black paws running into a room saying “forbidden”. He nudged Jet, who nudged Guy, who nudged Shadic, who nudged John, who nudged some random person, who nudged a 10,000 people long nudge line, who nudged someone, who fell off a cliff. Jet called the group over and they entered the room. It was like a storeroom full of old boxes, mannequins, and cobwebs. At the end of the dark room was staircase leading downwards to some kind of basement or something, they could also hear the tapping of rain on the roof as it had started raining now…Mikey loved to watch or hear rain while he was indoors, but he didn’t know why…The gang explored the room and looked in the boxes, Shadic found an old picture of John with a young black wolf but it was kinda hard to see so he put it back. Jet saw a mannequin which looked like a female hawk so he decided to “Hey baby…wanna ride on my board?” Guy, Mikey and Shadic just quietly laughed at him until they heard a bump from down the staircase. Everyone slowly and quietly snuck over to the staircase and slooooowly peeked over the side, Guy, Mikey and Shadic all saw the cloaked figure sneaking up the stairs from a long distance carrying a weapon, but Jet couldn’t see so he tried moving further. BAM, he tripped and the whole group tumbled and fell down the stairs “Jet! Ow! What! Ow! Were!”SMACK”you! Ow! Doing?!” shouted the group. Halfway through they smacked into the figure and eventually stopped at a ledge about a few metres from a drop to certain doom, Mikey now knew why it said “Forbidden”. The group got up and the figure stood straight up and took his hood off, revealing an-over-teenage Wolf, “HOLY CRUDZACAKIN’ SNABSLORFALLS” Mikey shouted in his head. “WHAT are you KIDS DOING?!” the wolf shouted…it was Rendel the Wolf…

    The group of el awesomos quietly snuck out of the room with Rendel and out of the Town Hall, into the rain...”WHOO RAIN!! I LOVE YA WH—“Mikey shouted, before turning around and seeing his friends and hero stare at him with the “what the fudge face ¬.¬” he shut up and they took off out of Gilliston and to the world of mysteriously mysterious mysteries. Rendel backed away some n00bs with his scythe and Jet BAN LAZARR’d some too, while Shadic hit them with the stick, Mikey daaanced in the raaaiinn and guy started twitching and kept quietly singing “can you feel sunshine” to himself, which eventually got annoying so Rendel gave him 3 karmas and he got better. In the Sonic Zone, karmas are extremely rare types of food; they turn into whatever food you want, except wedding and b-day cakes when it’s not your wedding or birthday. Guy imagined it as… a nice warm chocolate fudge cake, 1/6 of a slice of it, inside one of those round metal things food is sometimes served in.
    While he was stuffing his face, Jet got some breaking news on his JTH-Type portaTV about a super sonic looking character battling with a blue version of him, but as no-one could really be bothered to ask what the bluey’s name was, they named it after the guy off Nazo Unleashed, Nazo. Eventually the battle ceased after a huge massive mega gold n’ blue giant quarter-of-the-world big explosion covered the Sonic Zone, what happened after was kinda stupid…The super sonic guy, now called Double S Eleven (SS11) said to Nazo “Same time tomorrow?” Nazo nodded, they did a weird handshake thing, then left…by flying…to Gilliston…Shadic said “Heyy they look like me but both put together =D” Jet quickly put all his stuff back and began to run off track. But the two ultimate guys had just crashed into Mikey, Shadic, Guy, Rendel and Jet, making them lose all their powers forever until the rest of their lives :3 It was kinda sad but they got over it…3 seconds later in fact…Eventually they wanted to join the group of awesomeness and meh, it happened. On the way to wherever they were going, Rendel was telling them stories of his adventures such as the evil witch Dracoslythe who eventually turned beautiful and good…he didn’t really know why… and the knight in shiny gold armour called NiGHTS, he was like a good buddy, until NiGHTS met Draco, they left with each other and were never seen again, so Rendel hoped to find them on his adventure…along with his gold scythe. Mikey asked Rendel about the legend of the dark hedgehog and how he survived the fall off the cliff, Rendel said he didn’t… Draco brought him back to life after finding his body half into a spike on the floor, wasn’t a pretty sight >.<. He also thought the woman had taken his golden scythe as it wasn’t down there when he fell, and he needed it to defeat the darkness, he then talked about loads of n00bs ambushed him, the leader called Assron and his second hand man, Cryman65. He did a giant roar and blew them all off, but eventually he got to the town of spamville, the richest, biggest, and most fun place in all of the Sonic Zone. He stayed there for a few days until he left off to Gilliston to find John and settle a few matters with him, also asking him where the travellers were, when he had found them, it wasn’t really what he expected. Shadic asked why he went into the forbidden room in the town hall, Rendel said he used to live there like royalty until someone destroyed half the staircase, which meant he couldn’t get to the treasure room at the bottom where his bank account was…he also said tha he thought the bank manager might be dead…In his head he thought he heard something about a gold night turning black and terrorising spamville by the time he was near the town hall, he thought it must be the poor soul of NiGHTS and he was worried that Draco was in trouble…

    After going on a long walk which lasted ages and ages, and Rendel giving them lectures not even Mikey was interested in, everyone decided to set up camp near a forest called “The forest of music and Art” “*shudder* sounds terrifying! We might find Vincent Van ghoul in there :3 or Leonardo da banshee x3” said Jet sarcastically. SS11 just sat down with Nazo and they thought about how much fun they had with their powers, while they were thinking SS11 was playing Titanic in the background which made it worse… They eventually got bored of it so they just got up and out of their tents and quietly snuck into the forest to fill up the time for more adventure as they were boorrreeddd.

    Rendel went to everyone’s tents to see if they were ok “Mikey, on laptop, yu—laptop!? Jet, playing with jet minifigures on mini JTH-type board…pfffffttt..Yup. Shadic, ripping parts off Sonic and Shadow dolls and sewing them together then painting it light blueish to make them look like him…uhhhh….ok…yup. Guy, twitching and singing to himself…hmmm looks like karma didn’t work, I’ll look at him later, yup. Me, checking on people and being awesome, yup. SS11, not here, yup, Nazo, same, yup…” Rendel said everyone was here and decided they should take off through the music and art forest to see what terrible dangers and horrifyingly fatal traps lay ahead of them in case anything bad, not too bad, happens. Shadic proceeded to SS11’s and Nazo’s tents until he found out that the tent’s zips were open and there were boot tracks which led to the forest. Shadic thought that Rendel’s eyes must be out of shape that he didn’t notice that, so he told them, they got shocked, they packed, they ran, and they eventually got their little butts into the music and art forest…it was actually scarier than they thought! There were floating dead music notes that were out of tune, some random pictures making up corpses of lost and dead unfotunates, and haunted userbars and sigs melting then remaking themselves! Jet thought he’d play luigi’s mansion to make it fit the mood more, this is what I sounded like: da da da doo da da doo doo…da da da da doo da da doo, da da, doo, dla ddlla dllllaaa dlboblllo adadalaa dbaldnbdlakoooooooooooooooooo” then it just went all soggy and out of tune, eventually melting and becoming part of the forest. Music that some of the group thought they could make out were: Luigi’s mansion, Green hill zone, open your heart, seven rings in hand, His world, live and learn, and super smash bros brawl intro. All Guy could make out was can you feel the sunshine, he also thought he saw a shadow in the distance, floating up to him…it got closer…and closer…and it was yellow…It was furry…it WAASSS “Heyy guys it’s us Nazo and SS11, we went through the forest last night because we were bored, we eventually got tired and fell asleep, this morning we woke up in this ninja place and asked an old guy where we were, he didn’t tell us but he said if we passed the three ultimate tests then we would be set free. We did the three tests,1. Boil water, put milk and a teabag in a mug 2. Mix it together 3. Give it to the old guy. We did and he set us free, he also gave us our powers back w00t….well…only the flying bit…” Nazo said how he was “the almighty smart one”, and his name was ChaosDazer, so he was awesome obviously…

    After venturing through the scary, annoying and dark forest of music and Art, our handsome heroes made their ways through to the canyon of downloads…It looked kinda awesome as everything was just made out of computer chip looking things with all those lines over them, also some of the flying chips could be used for transportation to the top of the canyon for a better lay of the land. Rendel told SS11 and Nazo to go to the top and see if there were any cities or towns nearby, so they quickly jumped onto the flying computer chips, sometimes having to step up some, limbo under others and do the funky chicken just for the sake of it. They both quickly then flew (they can only fly as high as they are, they can’t fly upwards yet as ChaosDazer hasn’t given them that power yet) over to the side of the canyon, gripped onto the edge and dragged themselves up, then flipped onto the top and put their hands up like it was the end of a gymnastic Olympic round. At the top they scanned the horizon, they could just make out Gilliston a few miles away, the forest of Music and Art almost in front of them, and Red Hill zone, was well, kinda outta sight. SS11 turned around to Nazo so they could go down…but he had disappeared…”Nazo? Bro from another Mo? Boom chikka chikka chikka boomde boomde BOOM? Helllooo?” He then shouted down to the group that Nazo had gone, so he was coming down until he was struck into his side by a HEEEUUGGEE wolf! SS11 quickly got up and flew over to the wolf, then tried kicking his face but he kept missing, so he went under the wolf’s legs and punched him in the nards THEN kicked him in the face, sending the wolf flying down to the bottom of the canyon. It jumped up and ran after the group until Rendel struck it on the top of its head with the blunt side of his metal scythe ultra hard, almost as hard as a bull running into a brick wall! Shadic then spindashed it from behind, but it landed on its feet and scratched Shadic’s stomach, leaving a really big wound. Jet then started whacking the wolf with his board in random areas until he found out it was eaten, he just ran away, so guy threw the stick at it but it got pulverized…somehow… Mikey then did a homing attack on the wolf’s head, knocking it back, but he also got hit in the head by the wolf’s claw. Everyone was tired out except from Jet, Guy and Rendel…Jet fell down signalling he was out, so did guy, he’s a wuss, so Rendel spun his scythe round a billion times a second, making him fly into the air, then flew down head first into the wolf, almost cracking it’s skull, and landed on his feet. “GrrrAARGH! Why do I always get left to be beaten by the party leader?!” it shouted “You have seen the last of Xtremely the Dark!!” It ran into the sea of Personal messages and swam away. Everyone tried getting up so they could recover themselves, Rendel thought Shadic took the most damage from the claw strike and Mikey from the scratch so he gave them each a healing karma! Omnomnomnomnm!! “You were all brave to stand up to that demon animal, except you two hawks, I mean seriously! All you did was close your eyes and throw stuff at him! You two were the least hurt! Meh…you get no special karmas!” After everyone had recovered they set off through the sea of personal messages, onto the next part of the zone!


    “Look, our dumbass wolf failed, the dark hedgehog lord is still trying to come back, and you’re not HELPING!!” SMACK
    “I’m not gonna tell you where they are! Not even for a trillion chilli dogs!”
    “0.o…ok…we’re gonna leave now and keep you and your madness caged in here…” KERCHUNK-KERLUNK

    Everyone got ready to go across the sea of personal messages, or the PM Sea. Mikey used his fire stone from around his neck to turn messages into stone, allowing him to walk over them, Rendel surf boarded over on his Scythe, Shadic ran so fast it only made him walk normal speed, allowing him to walk on water, Jet held onto the remains of his board and paddled over, while Guy just swam…Around halfway over the sea a huge wave of personal messages took them over, from ancient legends to boring newbie’s, the messages ranged from animation requests to problems to conversations to flames, it never ended…until Jet’s board remains got crushed by the wave, he grabbed onto Guy but Guy’s head went underwater, then shot back out, making Jet fly over to the middle of the group, he quickly doggy-paddled over to hold onto Shadic, but he grabbed his legs which made Shadic slow down a teeny weeny bit, unfortunately this made Shadic zoom off into the distance, also making him trip and create a HUGE splash of messages, mostly spam messages made from screams and shouts and flames. Jet flew all the way back to the group, accidentally belly flopping onto the messages “OOOWWW, can’t ANYONE help me?! I’m *blublublub* ALMOST DR*blblbuulblublu*OWNING!!*lbuububulbl*” Mikey ran over and picked Jet up onto the rock messages his stone was making. Jet and Mikey walked across normally and Rendel surfed near them to make sure no more trouble was created. But out of nowhere a red hedgehog came flying into Jet and smashed into his face then landed on Mikey’s stone bridge, skidding a little producing a bit of dirt.


    To: ChaosDazer
    From: Mikey

    yHe hoCazDera, nawna kmea omes lhfaess? Dirtdirtdirt (mwehaahh try and figure that out)

    To: Mikey
    From: ChaosDazer



    The red hedgehog smashed Mikey off his rock bridge, but as Mikey has his stone on, wherever he lands turns into rock so the whole sea is practically like land…Mikey spindashed into the red hedgehog, whacking his stomach, but also scarring him from the rock. He sat down to recover when a shine came out of the distance, Shadic came at light speed over to the hedgehog, but missed as it jumped over him and kicked his side, sending him straight into the water. Guy, being the best swimmer, dived down under to get Shadic as Rendel surfed over to the hedgehog; he flipped over and struck the hedgehog with his scythe around the face, knocking it back making it just barely land on the rock. Jet came back out of the water barely and climbed onto the rock, he decided to actually help for once so he ran and jumped, putting his hands under his feet which produced another JTH-Type board, so he flew over to the hedgehog, but it jumped onto his board and kicked his nards, stepped on his feet, and sandbag smashed Jet in the face, making him fly directly upwards and land on the hedgehog. Guy came back up with Shadic and took him to the shore a few miles away from them. Mikey got back up and punched the red hedgehog in the back of the head then kicked him into the water, but it came back out and powerfully kicked Mikey in the face. Before he could take the final blow, Rendel pulled the hedgehog’s arms behind his back and kicked his wrists, making it fall into the water again, but this time he went slightly brighter red and stopped moving…then disappeared, obviously teleporting. About 1 minute after the hedgehog’s disappearance, Jet came back out of the water “Awwww, dude, this fighting is hard work…pffffff……well I helped a little bit didn’t I? I get at least Something! Also…where has SS11 been this whole time?! I don’t remember him leaving at all!! Oh man…what’s happened to him!!?” Everyone quickly dashed to the shore they were near and saw Guy and Shadic lying on the floor unconscious. Mikey went over to Rendel and said “Who was that? He just suddenly went red and disappeared for some reason…is he one of those old legendaries, the ones who were hypnotised?” Rendel nodded “The red hedgehog’s name is Jeexx, there are 5 legendaries in total and he’s only one of them, I could tell he was one by the colour change and the teleportation” he set up camp on the land put the two unconscious kids into their tents, waiting for the next day.


    “Okay, sir I say we have the two strongest animals of that group, they say they have an awesome power master but they will not reveal his name, we’ll have to squeeze more out of them but we can’t right now”
    “Well you better, we caN’t do thIs alone because we need some kind of Genius mind to Help us Take over thiS pathetic zone…”


    When the guys woke up, Rendel did the quick check again but SS11 was still missing, he was wondering why the two ultimate life forms of their group had disappeared and thought they must be linked in some way with the dark NiGHTS and the ancient legendaries. Rendel went to check on Guy and Shadic and they were just fine, leaving Jet and Mikey with candy karmas to munch on the way through this island. Mikey ventured on through the island an passed a few tress which were inland…only to hear the music and see the sights he thought he’d never hear and see in his entire living life…he quickly ran back to Rendel and grabbed his arm tight “BLOCKS8BITDADADADOODADADOOGOOMBAKOOPAMUSHROOMSAREDRUGSWARPPIPETWODIMENSIONAL—“ Rendel grabbed Mikey by the arms and shook him into reality “What! WHAT?! You mean? This is…oh my…” The group packed up and ran into the islands and past the trees, to see the sights and hear the things which Mikey saw and heard. They had been turned 8-bit! Also there was Super Mario Bros music playing in the background and the HUD on the top. They had discovered the hidden land of the Mario section, the land thought to be non-existent in the Sonic Zone, the land which the Sonic Zone used to be, the Mario Zone! Everyone had fun jumping on goombas and eating good-for-ya drugs and going down no-crap-filled pipes, also collecting a different currency called coins! They heard the difference from the rare coins from the even rarer rings; it went from rings going GRLING to coins going BADING, and monitors going from BOWOP to mushrooms going BADUPBADUPBADUP. On the boss level, it was slightly different as it was not Bowser; it was Xtremely and Jeexx again! Everyone dodged their attacks and tried not to touch them, with Jet flying around on his 8-bit board and Rendel spinning around his 8-bit scythe, and Mikey 8-bit spin dashing, it was a classic fight.


    Uhhh…John? I think the sprites in this Mario ROM are messed up, I am controlling four heroes against two bosses and they’re not even MARIO characters!!! AWESOME hack!!


    “Grrr, we can’t defeat them because if we do touch them then we die!” complained Jet. Mikey then saw them both jump and ran under their legs and to the other side, finding some sort of golden tool…”NO MIKEY DON’T TOUCH THAT” shouted Rendel “YOU TOUCH THAT AND WE’RE ALL DEAD FOREVER!!!” Mikey told them to run under the bosses jumps thanks to their tactics and they all did, except Guy, who was too scared to “GUY GET OVER HERE!” they all shouted, Mikey got so angry with the bosses that he screamed at them so loudly…But something happened…something very peculiar…the whole game had stopped…


    Pfft, this game’s rubbish, when I used scream attack all it did was freeze the game…


    Mikey had frozen everything but himself…he saw this as an opportunity to get Guy back over to the side, so he did, but he didn’t know how to get it back to normal so he bonked Guy on the head and somehow everything went back to normal…”Wow…what happened?” said Rendel, “How did guy just appear over here? Oh well, meh, Okay guy, touch that golden tool and everyone RUN! “Guy touched it and the entire bridge they were dodging on collapsed, along with Xtremely and Jeexx, but unfortunately they had teleported away again…” Jet flew over to the end of the Mario Zone with the others, each receiving a kiss from princess peach as a gift for saving her. After the zone, they saw a huge barren desert, covered in rules and blocking lasers and shields, it was the desert of Rules and Site Info.
    FWACK! A huge smack came from behind a few of the group, and all they could see was Mikey’s body, with his torso covered in blood “MIKEY NO!!” Jet, Shadic, and Guy screamed! Rendel turned and quickly saw the cause, it was the evil black knight NiGHTS…He was not afraid to spill blood…even if it meant really spilling blood. Mikey melted into the ground and dissolved…leaving no trace of his death. NiGHTS teleported away too, leaving no time for the group to attack him.

    “Boss, I have destroyed the orange Echidna, Hedgehog looking thing, leaving only three kids left, and the light guardian”
    “Good…you have done well NiGHTS, MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH”
    “MUAHAHAH*cough cough*
    “no no nono, it’s all in the back of the throat”

    “Ohh maaaannn, the leader of our little group has been massacred like sonic in next gen! NiGHTS has disappeared…all we have now is to move on” said Shadic, scraping at the area Mikey was killed, then stood up and looked at the barren desert. Rendel was now leading the group and he read the nearby sign saying “Welcome to the desert of Rules and Site Info, I made it myself so DON’T ruin it, I know where you live >:C. I mixed up the desert a bit so it’s a bit harder than riding a camel over sand dunes, the land is flat so that makes it easier, but it’s a maze of topic blocks, meaning if you touch a wall then you get a static shock. I know, evil right?” Rendel then read out the writer’s name “The king of darkness”. His frown went to an angry face and he smashed the sign down to smithereenies, leaving the only words: “Welcome desert info, I myself DON’T live, harder than sand is flat easier, topic touch a shock, I know right?” the group just laughed at the sign and they set off. Guy ran the numbers of how many walls there may be and how long the desert was, he said by the time they get to the end of the maze he would end up as a Sunday roast for a human, ewww, stuffed Hawk o.o. Meh, they trekked on anyways, firstly they set up a plan of picking up rocks and throwing them to see where the walls were, so they gathered up a lot of them to get ready. Jet threw one first as he thought awesomeness came first, apparently not as it hit a blockage straight away and bounced exactly back and SMACKED Jet’s , giving him a temporary black eye, but it bounced off back into the wall and reflected again, this time hitting him right in the nards. He fell WHACK onto the ground and stayed there for around a minute groaning in pain, and Rendel gave him a candy karma :3. They ventured onwards, until around halfway through when they saw a dark shadow cover them, they all looked up and didn’t see anything, no clouds or anything, so Rendel told them to stay by him to get ready for anything. They heard some kind of whooshing noise come from behind them and they looked, seeing nothing again as if it were some living wind creeping up on them…then the shadow appeared in front of them again, but it was strange as there was no solid object to block the shadow, and it was standing up, it was not across the floor but standing vertically up as if there were some non-shining walk through glass holding it up. Suddenly the shadow turned silver and began taking a shape, like a slightly colourful hawk…The group was surprised to see it didn’t growl, chase after them and practically kill them after all the random things that had happened “Heyy travellers of the awesomely epic Sonic Zone, my name is shadow of silver! Wanna know why? Well…wheniwasborniwassilverandshadowyforsomeKERAZYreasonsotheycalledmeshadowofsilverbutthenichangedintomebuttheyhadalreadywrittenmybirthcertificate…so yeah… this happened, and that, and here I am, the maze keeper…for some miraculous reason…I have the key to turn off all the blocking walls and I also have a map in case I lose the key and I need to walk through” everyone rushed after him with ash covered, electricity filled faces to scramble for the map and keys. Two VERY bad things happened unfortunatanatanateanateanately, one, the map flew away and incinerated on one of the walls, and two, the key flew into a wall and was bouncing around the maze, everyone dodged it but then it went further into the maze so they had technically lost the key too…”WHAT THE FUDGE, OH MY GODDD!!!!” Rendel shouted, walking into another wall, he pounded the floor and fell feebly under the hard sun. Everyone just knew all hope was lost…until Shadow of Silver said something else “Hey guys, I have a spare key, y’know in case I lose the old key and map” the whole gang was about to squash him into their new flatmate again until they figured out what happened a few minutes ago. He took out the key, inserted it into the ground face down, and twisted it 90 degrees clockwise. Scarlet lights then glowed and flashed, disappeared and hid in little metal projectors in the floor. Shadow of Silver then progressed on and said: “That shadowy hedgehog doesn’t REALLY own this maze, I do. The warning was just to scare people off and I made up that electrical crap about the walls, because you read that, you actually believed those projections were electrical, THAT’S why the map incinerated and you kept getting electrocuted, this place is really controlled by minds, whatever you believe becomes reality…sorry guys…”. The group of sir awesomeness’s listened to the long lecture and then ran to the exit, leaving Shadow of Silver behind. Just near the exit there was some kind of device with the old key in it, somehow it had miraculously made itself through the maze and inserted itself into the gizmo…It read: If you actually believed that first sign, then you’re dumb, twist a key in here to get one free power ring but be careful though, as you only get one each so if you try coming back again in your lifetime to get another one, then you STILL won’t get one….~~the management.
    Everyone each received a power ring and kept it as a souvenir of their surviveness through the maze, then carried on into the next part of the world…the third from last place to proceed through, the City, of spamville..

    The gang reached the entrance to the huge neon city. The gate was heavily guarded and there was a big warning that NiGHTS had struck a month ago, destroying Draco’s memorial statue. When Rendel saw this, he took it as Draco had died after his last adventure…he was not happy and felt a bit down, especially how she had helped him from certain death. They ventured to the security foxes, of all which had three powerful tails to fly round with, instead of helicopters. The group tried to get in, but they weren’t allowed because they required an identification of some sort, like a card or a badge. Everyone showed their “Gilliston explorer” badges and they were allowed access, except Rendel…”Hey…you know me guys? I’m a world famous explorer!” the foxes backed him away and said “One, you haven’t shown any identification, and two, how do we know you’re not just a rapist in disguise and you could just molest these kids when we won’t notice?!” Rendel reached into his pocket and pulled out a wallet, he took out his driver’s license and showed it to them, then they let him in. The city looked REALLY rich, and as you entered the city you were given a pair of sunglasses/shades to shade your eyes from the neon lights, and the blinding car headlights. The team ran to the destroyed statue and examined it, bitz by bitz, then read the plaque, a little dented and burnt, but still readable. It read “Reputation is like a tower, long to build up, but easy to destroy” wow, very good point there…They inspected around the statue more until Rendel spotted a little hole under part of Draco’s body. The group all pushed the statue a few nudges past the hole, being careful not to attract any attention and they all JUST managed to squeeze in and into the underground “Wow, I know this place!!” said Rendel, he saw a little worn out house in the distance, as if it had sunk under the entire city and left without a trace, “That’s Dracoslythe’s house!! Ooo I wonder if her corpse is there :3” the kids stared at him in disgust, but still, they entered the old house…

    Rendel and his hedgehog friends walked up to the creepy looking old cottage and Rendel put his hand on the knob to open it…all that happened was that the whole door except from the knob just dissolved into thin air and disappeared. All they could see ahead was a completely pitch black dark room in which nobody could see anything, they never knew what could jump out and ravage them to smithereenies. Guy slightly backed away in fear, until Rendel pulled a red button out of his tail pocket and pressed it. What was heard above was the following things: hedgehogs crashing, buildings collapsing, screaming, shouting, fire engines, crying, more screaming, explosions, fast footsteps, echidnas and foxes flying out, and even more screaming. Suddenly all the lights in the cottage turned on and it revealed a clean, polished, varnished, twisted around room like one of those Ripley’s “Believe it or not” houses but smaller and less exciting and weird. Jet looked at Rendel in surprise and asked him “What the CRUD was THAT?! With all the noises and the lights turning on?” Rendel replied with “This is my portable light switch; it takes all the electricity from spamville and gives it to Dracoslythe’s cottage.” Jet gasped and tried to grab the switch but failed…as always…
    They entered the front room and explored it, looking at a few pictures and worn old books. Something eerie happened now…a female voice could be heard from an unseen door in a very dark corner of the room, getting louder and louder…it kept calling out “Rendel…can you hear me? I’m in here!” Rendel walked over to the door, but somehow when he did, the room seemed to get further away from him and getting darker… it seemed like the rest of the gang were a mile away from him! He opened the door and he froze completely in fright, because in the storage there were two scary things. One was Mikey’s frozen body with a big hole in his stomach, and Draco’s corpse! “Hey Rendel! I think I found her corpse now!” shouted Shadic, pointing to the corpse. Rendel recovered and quickly shouted “No…NO! NO!! Not DRACO!!” he quickly ran to the guys and said “Quick! Look for a book called “Resurrectivities” it heals dead people and brings them back to life…somehow…” everyone scuttled around the room looking for the book, knocking down shelves and ripping books off of tables. After a while the search had been called off as nobody could find it “All I remember from that book after she brought me back to life from that stalagmite was: 1 power ring…I don’t know anything else…” by that time, Guy and Shadic had run over to Draco and Mikey and they threw their rings onto them, after a bit of glowing and shining, they came up, their wounds were healed and they stood up. Mikey first opened his eyes and saw the gang “Guys...what happened? All I remember is having an epic death like the one from Sonic 06 then my life went blank…” he asked, walking over to them aimlessly. Dracoslythe ran over to Rendel and whacked him round the face “Why didn’t you help NiGHTS?! He’s a lost soul trapped in a demon body, and you left him?! This little orange boy told me about it in the afterlife and told me what he looked like…I just can’t believe you’d leave him like this!” she said, calming down and sitting on a chair. Rendel recovered and stood up rubbing the sore spot on his face where he was hit, suddenly something whacked him from behind! Everyone looked what happened and they saw that a tranquilizer dart had knocked him out on the floor. They all looked to the entrance and saw a silver hedgehog with a gun in his hand smirking, it said “Hello people. Let me introduce myself…” it jumped over in front of them and grabbed them all by their tails “My name is Michael…Michael the hedgehog”

    Michael the hedgehog was holding the gang by their tails with no way of them to escape! Suddenly a big HI-YA was heard and Michael fell straight to the floor and let go of the guys, groaning in pain and rubbing the back of his head. Dracoslythe had karate kicked him in the back of his head! Michael somehow then disappeared with a flash and reappeared again behind her, got out a knife, and covered it over her neck “If any of you idiots try and get me then I’ll slit her throat and pour her blood all over the floor!!” No-one could do anything…so Mikey did one thing no-one else could do at the time, he remembered talking to Draco in the afterlife and she said about if you have three power rings then you could use chaos control for 5 seconds! Draco threw him a power ring, then Michael strengthened his grip on her “Why did you throw that to him EH?!” he questioned, threatening to kill her. “Oops, musta dropped it” she replied “can you pick that up please Mikey?” Draco asked. Mikey picked it up then grabbed Jet’s, though Jet tried to snatch it back. Mikey then shouted “CHAOS CONTROL!!” and he had frozen all of time somehow…everything was still…but he wasted no time and ran behind Michael and waited 3 seconds before time went back to normal. The time came back and as soon as it did he spinballed Michael into his back and Draco ran out of his grip and into a dark and unnoticeable corner of the room. Michael then jumped up, and flew into mid-air then shot three shots of tranquilizers at Jet, Guy and Shadic and they all fell hopelessly to the floor like they had just immediately fallen asleep on the spot! Mikey then jumped over to Michael and tried to kick him in the face, but Michael grabbed it, twisted it round, and then slammed Mikey into the floor with immense power. Mikey recovered quickly due to the power rings, but he decided not to attack Michael up close as it was too dangerous so he looked somewhere for a solution. He ran over to Jet and took out the tranquilizer dart, then licked the end “Blugh…yep, that’s still…fr...esh…” he started to fall asleep due to the fresh chloroform. Before falling asleep he weakly threw the dart at Michael…just barely touching his leg, it still sunk into Michael and he fell out of the air, onto the ground and asleep.

    2 hours later

    “Finally! We have them all caught!” Came a familiar voice “Oh look, they’re waking up! Quickly, leave the silver hedgehog here and take the others!” Came the voice again. Jet had woken up about 5 minutes after this and looked around, he was in some kind of modern and computer-like room and all the guys were hanging from chains on the edge of the room. Ahead of them he could see something very faintly…he quickly turned on his Hawk-eye visions and saw that it was a wall with SPIKES on it heading towards THEM!! He shouted at the guys to wake up but they couldn’t as they had all been knocked out, he didn’t realise that Mikey had taken out his tranquillity dart and saved him so he thought it was his “Hawkish charms”. Pfff…whatever…

    Back in Dracoslythe’s house, Draco was still hiding in the dark corner and she had seen everything that had happened “I gotta save them!” she said, following the trail of footprints left from the completely black chaos-hogs.

    Dracoslythe eventually followed the footprints into a hidden underground base! I don’t think it was hidden very well though…Anyways. She tried to open the door first, but couldn’t, then she tried to hit it, no luck, then she smashed it, fruitless…Nothing seemed to open the big metal door until she saw a panel on the side in which you needed to enter a code to enter! She took a random wild guess and put it “1, 2 and 3” and as stupid as these guys are, it was the right password! As smart as these guys are, another identification panel came out, it was hand print identification, but she wasn’t part of these dark hedgehogs and she obviously knew that she couldn’t open it with her hand, even if she had tried!
    Suddenly something caught her leg and she tripped cos’ JJeeexxx took her out with his whip, then he saw someone sneaking up from behind, so he reached for his gun which he just couldn’t find, because Draco stole it and she shot and she missed because Jeexx had deflected it with his fist, then she jumped in the air and she did a somersault while Jeexx the hedgehog tried to pole vault onto Dracoslythe but they collided in the air then someone punched Jeexx in the faacee.
    After this ultimate showdown themed fight, that someone who had punched Jeexx out cold decided to stay in the shade of darkness and eventually left with no sign of his face showing. Draco used knocked-out Jeexx’s hand on the hand identification…it opened ANOTHER panel! This time it was eyedentification (pun drums) panel! She couldn’t use Jeexx’s as his eyes were closed and refused to open…
    Ol’ Draco was hoppin’ around, a hidden door like a big playground when suddenly Michael burst from the Shade, missed Draco with a mike grenade, Draco got p****d and began to attack but didn’t expect to be blocked by a trap, which proceeded to open up to a trap 2 when Michael the hedgehog came outta the blue. He started beating up Draco-O’Neil and he got flattened by the Dracmobile, but before she could get back to the Draco-cave, Michaelham Lincoln popped out of his grave! He pulled an AK47 out from under his tail and blew Draco away with bullets of fail, because obviously all of these had missed, and she kicked him right in the face with her fist!
    Draco finished her ultimate showdown themed fight again, and opened Michael eyes and used them on the eyedentification (pun drums) panel. The door finally opened and she ran in, eager to try and rescue her friends.

    After quite a while, all the guys had woken up and their chains had turned their wrists red, they felt as if they were on the rack in a torture chamber! Jet told them about the spikes and they were slightly closer now, just enough for Shadic to see. Mikey tried to wriggle free but his efforts proved useless as they were on really tight and their hands were turning purple!

    Meanwhile, in a room not so far away
    “Ahh crud! What floor could those guys be on?” said Dracoslythe, running up all the steps and sidling out of the view of security flash lights and torches. She got on the 1st floor and there were some test tubes in there, 5 in fact, in the middle of the room. One of the test tubes had a metal robot looking like Shadic, one that looked like Guy, one like Jet, one like Mikey and one like Rendel! “Whoah…they’ve made metal dopple-gangers of the guys, wait…what I want to know is how in the world did they even KNOW about these guys?! They were just on a trip, then chaos unveils and they’re trapped in an infinite loop of danger!” She ran to the next floor and she saw a wall moving in front of her at like 1 metre an hour, so she moved closer and saw a “reveal” switch on the back of it, maybe making the wall transparent maybe? She pressed it and the wall turned see through, she couldn’t see what was ahead as it was pretty far away. Then there was a button saying “Move the wall out of the way” she pressed that, the wall moved aside and she ran down the corridor, the end of the room becoming much clearer. Draco gasped as she saw all the guys hanging from chains with their hands blackcurrant purple! She then pressed a massive huge red button behind them saying “If you are pressing this button then you are crazy because it releases all of the prisoners”. She pressed it, then all the guys fell to the floor off of their chains and the wall shut again! It was moving towards them at double its speed with no way out except from an air vent which was 2 miles above them and 4 inches wide and long…not a very good option…the guys rubbed their wrists and hands to escape from the excruciating pain and then saw the wall heading to them. Shadic try to push it back but she jabbed her hand a bit and jerked it back, Jet tried to jam his beak in the side but it just started bleeding a little somehow…Rendel then remembered the portable light switch that he had and he jammed the wall with it. “Phew…that was close! I thought I was gonna be hedgehog food!” said Jet, wiping his sweating brow, Mikey and Shadic looked at him with the “that’s offensive” look and they sat down trying to relieve the pain in their wrists a bit more. Suddenly, the button in which Rendel threw into the wall got crushed in the wall because of the pressure and all the lights swiftly turned on in the room. A computers voice then said “Electricity restored to one hundred percent!” which meant BAD news because the wall was moving towards them at Quadruple speed!! Everyone screamed and shouted and tried to escape but it was no use, they were going to get crushed! Then…out the corner of Mikey’s eye…there became a glimmer of hope…

    The glitter of hope which caught Mikey’s eye was in his trouser/ pants pocket, the two power rings which he got from Jet and Guy. “Everyone, quickly grab onto me!” he said, holding his arms out. “Uhhh Mikey, we may be dying in a few seconds but we don’t really need to hug each other!” complained Jet, crossing his arms. Everyone else grabbed onto Mikey except Jet…who was trying to fly out but all he did was flip and land back on his head, knocking him out. Mikey quickly grabbed him along with the others, the spikes reaching their necks, and then he shouted “CHAOS CONTROL!!” He quickly dragged the still bodies behind the spiked wall and chaos control finished as sudden as it had started. Everyone unfroze and came out of their frightened poses, then ran down the staircases, unaware that they were crossing through the spotlights and setting the alarms off. They quickly managed to jump out of emergency closing big metal door, though it took a few more seconds than usual to drag Jet out. After getting out, there were three bad things standing in their way, Jeexx, Michael, and a mysterious Darkness Chaos-hog, which looked like shadow, with darkness emanating from him. Rendel recognised him immediately “You…what are YOU doing here!?” he shouted, growling… Everyone got ready for a huge battle, Mikey spiked up his spines, Shadic, Rendel and Dracoslythe prepared for a lot of karate, and Guy spread out his arms ready to attack…the showdown was about to begin…

    For about 3 minutes no one moved, they just stared each other down until someone would move…Eventually Jet blinked and Michael shouted “HAH! YOU BLINKED!” Jet shouted back “YOU BET I DID! I COULD BEAT YOU IN A BLINKING CONTEST ANYDAY!!” and Michael replied with “YOU’RE ON!!” then all you could see from those two was infinite blinking. Rendel then started the fight with a kick in Michael’s jaw while he was blinking. Shadic then punched his nuts and Mikey spinballed Jeexx, but missed as Jeexx jumped out of the way. Guy jumped next to the Darkness Shadow and punched it in the face, his fist going right through it “Whoah!! What in the B’Jesus are you?!” he said. The darkness Shadow grabbed his arm, twisted it and threw him into the air, jumped and kicked his stomach until Guy flew into the wall behind him. After Jeexx came back down from the air, he grabbed one of Mikey’s spines and dragged him across the floor then threw Mikey in front of him and punched his PINGAS so hard Mikey screamed like a girl. Shadic quickly then jumped over to Jeexx and kicked his face, knocking him down hard then spindashed Michael, but missed as Michael held onto Shadic while she was spindashing and kicked her like a football into the closed metal door behind him. Rendel then got his scythe out of nowhere, struck it into the ground, hung off of it horizontally like a flag and then spun around, kicking Jeexx and Michael at the same time.
    Jet was quivering in the shadows all this time still blinking by the way.
    Anyways, Rendel then picked up Jeexx and Michael and clonked their heads together SO hard that it knocked them out…twice…
    While Mikey was recovering from the PINGAS punch, he saw a little shine just ahead of him, quite far, but in some of the dark parts of the cave that they were in. He slowly made his way to the shine, dodging the fight and kicking Jeexx’s back so hard with immense force, knocking Jeexx out cold. He saw the shine growing closer and more clearer, it looked like some kind of gold arched shape…he got a little closer and saw it was the legendary golden scythe!! He never thought he’d see it, as much as he’d want to, he thought it would be somewhere in a barren desert but Rendel was right, Dracoslythe and put it somewhere near her house. Mikey saw that the scythe was planted firmly into the cold hard ground, surrounded by slippery stalagmites and on one little piece of ground in the middle of an endless fall to certain death…which was kind of over reactive security to him. He slowly trudged between two stalagmites and held onto them, making sure not to slip into the abyss. While this was going on, Michael and the darkness shadow had to fend off Shadic, Rendel and an injured but dedicated Guy. Michael got out two magnums, this time with real bullets and tried to shoot Rendel, he dodged two but one skimmed his torso and burnt a little tuft of his fur off, leaving a weak spot. Rendel pole vaulted off of his scythe over Michael, dodging all of his bullets, he landed behind him, ducked under a kick then grabbed Michael’s leg, bent it back, breaking Michael’s leg, then threw him behind him on top of Jeexx, both of them now knocked out. Shadic kicked the darkness Shadow, then punched it and homing missiled it, but all of these attempts failed as they all just went straight through him like he really WAS just a dark Shadow. None of the attacks worked! Rendel then barely saw Mikey hanging onto stalagmites in the distance and thought that he was falling “Shadic, you distract the darkness shadow!” he shouted, running after Mikey. He jumped over the stalagmites and landed right behind Mikey on a tiny piece of ground. “Mikey, quick! Grab my hand!” he shouted. Mikey didn’t hold his hand out…all he did was point his hand behind Rendel, his eyes looked up…then he fell…into the everlasting darkness…the object which caused this horrible scene stood in Mikey’s place, The Darkness Shadow! Rendel thought how the Darkness Shadow could get there so quickly…he also saw Shadic, lying on the ground bleeding around her face. Rendel looked where Mikey had pointed and right behind him he saw the one thing that he thought he would never ever see again in his whole life, the one thing which he thought was eternally lost. The
    scythe!! Rendel grabbed the scythe and threw away his old one into the abyss. Suddenly Rendel started to shine, he started to glow and sparkle all over! Rendel turned completely gold, his hair spiked up behind him and he somehow could hover over ground…he had become…Super Rendel! The wolf flew over to the darkness Shadow and struck him with a solid hard blow across the head with his golden scythe, shooting the shadow backwards into the wall behind him. Rendel then realized that the one thing he didn’t do, the one thing which he needed to defeat the darkness shadow at that time last year, was the golden scythe, and belief in himself that he could defeat this horrible fiend. The darkness flew over to Rendel…but didn’t attack him! Instead, what he did was hold his hand out, like in a hand shake position “Ok…you’ve beaten me…for the second time! I’m calling a truce!” he said in a shaky voice. Rendel held his hand out to shake the darkness’s hand but suddenly it twisted it’s hand round, turned it into a fist, and Rendel found himself clawing at the air gasping for breath! The one thing that Rendel didn’t expect from this bad guy was the force…yeah…next thing he knew he could’ve brought out a lightsaber!! The darkness kicked the scythe out of Rendel’s hand and it flew down the cliff, where Mikey had fallen, making Rendel defenceless and made him turn back into normal Rendel again! He then dropped Rendel near the edge of the cliff and stood right in front of him, ready for any attack. Rendel then shouted “No! NOO!! You killed my BROTHER!!!”. He was getting much more angrier now. Then somehow all the darkness drained from the darkness shadow and revealed Rendel’s biggest surprise ever…a bright blue hedgehog with scratches and blood across his face…”No Rendel…I…AM your brother!! LEDNER!! The brother you left to DIE in the hands of a WEREWOLF!!” Surprisingly Rendel didn’t shout NOOOOO, but instead let him finish. There’s no way out Rendel…you may have destroyed my army, and my home, but you have not destroyed me” the dark hedgehog stood sideways, his bloodshot eyes angrily glaring at the defenceless wolf, whose scythe had been knocked out of his paw and off of the cliff that they were standing on. Rendel had been following this hedgehog ever since the Sonic Zone had fallen into darkness and it had led him to the underworld. On the way he had discovered his most prized possession which was now lost, and he knew the end of the battle was near, but he did not want to give up so he jumped at the hedgehog and got his paw ready to strike the evil figure. Suddenly in a few seconds a chill fell down his spine as he saw darkness cover the hedgehog…next thing he knew there was a huge bang, a flash of dark smoke and an increase of speed of the wind in his face…he had fallen…

    “You did the right thing ledner… what I want to quickly know is…how come you look like wolf in all the pictures you feature in, and your brother is a wolf, but NOW you are a hedgehog?”

    “shut up…”

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    Wow... that was great for a first. +1. Very Happy


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    Thanks! I'm writing the sequel =F

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