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    The Dragons

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    The Dragons Empty The Dragons

    Post by Knucxsonia on Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:09 pm

    This is somewhat in the Sonicverse, but it didn't really include any Sonic characters, so I decided to put it here.


    What made me the Lightning Guardian? I know I’m not the only Guardian on Azuka, but there is something you should know. I’m slightly…different. It’s not that I’m a wolf/dragon hybrid; it’s how I came to be one. It all started many millennia ago, when Azuka was created.


    When my planet was created, there were nine dragons that ruled over the planet. The greatest of them was the Dragon of Light. He created the star that lit the planet, and took the role as the lead dragon.

    Then there was the Dragon of Darkness. She was born of the pure blackness in space. She lived in the shadows and slept in the caves. She could sneakily move from one shade to another to hide from the light.
    Was she evil? Sometimes she was. She had no real reason to be, so she was sometimes in good intentions.

    Jumping in and out of the oceans like a graceful dolphin is what the Dragon of Water did. He created the waters of Azuka in which he swam in. His scales were so shiny and beautiful that one could easily mistake him to be female. His claws were webbed and his horns lay on the back of his head to make him more streamlined in the water.

    Above the planet would fly the Dragon of Wind. Every time he roared, a large gust of wind would take form. He could start windstorms, make waves wild, make the trees sway for as long as he pleased; but he mostly enjoyed creating a small, summer breeze. As terrifying as he sounded, he was one of the most gentile of the Dragons. He never wanted to do anything to his Dragon friends to harm them in any way.

    The Dragon of Earth, opposite of Wind, never took flight. He didn’t need to anyway, for all he needed was the land. He created all the land on Azuka. He was strong compared to the others, and sometimes took foolish pride in it.

    Sometimes, he would get some help from the Dragon of Fire, to make some land. She could breathe flames so hot they could melt rock. All dragons could breathe fire, of course, but this dragon made fire breathing an art and a passion. She made a hobby out of making really neat images out of her flames.

    Opposite of Fire was the Dragon of Vegetation. She made all the grass, all the trees, and all the random yet useful plants that grew on the land. She also took pride in her creativity and made the most beautiful flowers her mind could imagine. She loved flowers so much, that she made whole fields with beautiful, blooming wildflowers, and made a bed surrounded by flowers just for her.

    And last, but not least, were the two Dragons of Electricity. Lightning’s scales shone like crystals in the light. She was so breathtakingly glimmering that she shone yellow, white, and sometimes blue as she danced in the skies with her dragon mate Thunder. Thunder was the voice of the lightning. His loud boom-like roars could be heard from many miles away. Without his lightning, he feels he has no reason to boom. And without her thunder, Lightning felt she had no reason to flash in the sky. No one, even Darkness, could separate the Dragons of Electricity. They were meant for each other, made for each other…There is no Lightning without Thunder, and there is no Thunder without Lightning.

    What do these dragons have to do with me? Well, I’ll tell ya. These dragons lived for thousands of years. After maybe 4,000-5,000, they started to feel old. They were weakening a little with each century. They had a Dragon meeting and decided that their times were running out. Light had a perfect idea as to preserve them and the world around them, which was filled with many animals. Some adopted from Earth, others that just appeared. But they needed different kinds of animals to help them, so Light went to Darkness…the only Dragon that could travel through space.

    He asked of her to find more intelligent and more thoughtful animals to roam Azuka, animals capable of guarding. After much thought, the black Dragon agreed and set her course to space. She spent years on end looking for such creatures that Light asked her for.

    Soon, Darkness found a planet called Mobius. It was still a young planet, but the animals here were just what Light had asked for. She studied their intelligence long enough to figure out that they may not be as smart as the Dragons, but they were worth the time.

    So she engulfed many members of Mobius in darkness so she could take them to her planet. Many members of this planet had tried to fight the darkness, not knowing why they were being taken. Families were broken and friends were lost because of this task. Unsurprisingly, Darkness saw nothing wrong with what she was doing. She just went ahead and did what she was told to do.

    After a long time, the Mobians Darkness abducted were placed on Azuka. Confused and lost, they scrambled about. After a few minutes of confusion, a bright light shone. It attracted them toward the area. Soon, they were surrounding the great Dragon of Light. He comforted them, telling them that they were brought to Azuka to help the Dragons guard the planet and give it more meaning than being home of the Dragons and their animal friends.

    After he learned that Darkness took these beings from their families, he sent Darkness back to Mobius to tell the people of there of what had happened, and that it was of good intentions.

    A few years past, and the new Azukans were used to the planet. They practically dominated the planet while the Dragons kept things in balance. As for more good news…Thunder and Lightning had a son and named him Spark. Unlike the Dragons, he appeared more like the Mobians. They never knew why, but they found it a blessing.

    After thirteen years, the Dragons finally decided to choose Guardians.

    Light chose a wolf, for he liked the intelligence and skill they had.
    Water chose the swan for even in anthro form, swans were graceful.
    Wind chose the bobcat for their stealth.
    Earth chose the kangaroo, for he preferred their strength.
    Vegetation chose the hamster because…they were very cute.
    Fire chose the pig. Not only were they smart, but they could be both cute and gruesome when the time called for it.
    Darkness chose the hedgehog, for when she saw them in Mobius, there were many of them. They were, in this day’s term, mainstream.
    Thunder and Lightning…they chose their own son, for they trusted him in all he could do. Spark proved his strength and loyalty, and they only saw it right to have him guard them.

    With these animals chosen, the Dragons circled with their chosen Guardians in front of them. With great roars and Light’s power, they transformed into the gems we know today.

    Spark held his Lightning Crystals tightly. He knew that until his end, his parents would be with him, and forever would they be with future generations to come.

    He soon married a Mobian dragon. From there, they had I believe 10 generations of dragons, with my father as the last pure dragon. So that leads to me, Michelle the Wolf-dragon, the Guardian of the Lightning Crystals.

    And now, in honor of the Dragons of Electricity, the Guardians give their gems to their first-born children when they reach the age of 13.

    So, yeah, There ya go. ^^

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