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    Blaze Paint

    Flying TOO high
    Flying TOO high

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    Blaze Paint

    Post by MauEvig on Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:57 pm

    Check this out, It's Blaze's head I did on paint:

    Blaze Paint

    Well, I got bored. I was visiting my mom and she was on the phone, so I got on paint with her computer and started to make this image of Blaze's head. It turned out great! Then I added some of the font that was on paint and viola!
    michael the hedgehog

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    Re: Blaze Paint

    Post by michael the hedgehog on Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:15 pm

    thats pretty good Smile

    Im a spriter and a fail artist,don't like it? then head to SZ. =P
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    Strongest thing alive
    Strongest thing alive

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    Re: Blaze Paint

    Post by Specc on Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:13 pm

    Looking good Mau ^^ especially on MS paint

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    Re: Blaze Paint

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