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    Amy Rose: Girl Power? O.o; Warning: YOUR EYES MIGHT BLEED READING THIS!!!!

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    Amy Rose: Girl Power? O.o; Warning: YOUR EYES MIGHT BLEED READING THIS!!!!

    Post by MauEvig on Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:01 pm

    Some of the fanfiction that I submitted to a Knuckles fan website back when I was 14...is still around. I called myself the Mysterious Cat Princess back then since these were pre-Mau days. XD; And it's absolutely terrible! lol. Not to mention...I didn't have spell check back then. All I had was wordpad!
    I haven't written fanfiction in a long time, but this two part story is horribly written. Then again...I was 14 at the time...
    I know I could do a better job writing NOW if I really wanted to sit down and write something. But this is absolutely horrendous...there are a few fan characters in here...but I know for a fact that they are Mary Sues.
    However, I guess I wanted Amy to have some power besides just a hammer and so the story kind of glorifies her. Who knows, maybe I could do an epic re-write...if I felt like it...
    By the way...there is a small SonAmy moment...but remember this is PRE Blaze the cat days and back then Amy was the only one that could really be considered a love interest for Sonic in the games...
    In anycase...for your reading DISpleasure...without further adieu...Mau Evig presents epic failness in the form of:

    Amy Rose: Girl Power Parts I and II...

    Amy Rose


    Girl Power part I

    BY: The Mysterious Cat Princess

    Legal crap: Sonic the hedgehog and all related charaters (Except made up characters) are property of Sega. Stricka the Cat, and other made up characters are property of the Mysterious Cat Princess (Dat's me) and my character's are not to be used without MY PERMISSION. You may make one copy of this story. Ok, so much for the legal crap.

    By the way, if you want to know who Stricka the Cat is, she is a cousin of Big the Cat that lives in the city. She visets Big once a year( With the acception of holidays such as Christmas) to go fishing. She lives in the city of Electri-city twenty miles away from Station Square.
    She is 14 years old, and her abilities are zapping enemies with electrical attacks, running fast as Sonic, using her claws for fighting and climbing. She is also a master of Tatsu-do although she would rather just use her powers to 'do the dirty work' so to speack
    Well, dat's about it for now, she doesent mention anything about knowing Karate untill "Girl Power Part II" .

    "Sonic, Help!" yelled a young teenage hedgehog who wore a red dress and had pink fur, with her hair lockes in the shape of dread lockes swaying by as she ran from a nearby danger in the form of one of the EggMan's deadly badniks. "- Surrender or fall at the hands of Doctor Robotnik-" said the robotic structure as he closed in on the female hedgehog.
    Just then, a shocking think happened, a lightning bolt appeared out of the sky irregardless that It was bright and sunny out, and not a drop of rain dared to touch the ground.
    "Huh?" said the young hedgehog looking back suprized and astonished.
    Then she looks up to find a familier creature resting in a nearby tree.
    "Hello Amy." said the creature who gazed down below.
    "Long time no see! Still chasin' dat hedgehog!?"
    "Stricka the Cat!" yelled Amy surprized and shocked at the same time.
    "None other....." Replied Stricka as she jumped out of her tree, who was soon interupted by a screeching sound like breaks on a car.
    "YO! Did someone call da' hog?!" It was Sonic the hedgehog, a blue mobian hedgehog capable of exciding the speed of sound.
    "Ya, Amy here did, but, uh, you kinda missed da' action." said Stricka to Sonic pointing at the short circuited robot she zapped with her special electric powers.
    "Hmmmmm, Just luck of da draw, There's no way you could have beaten me to the punch If you weren't already there."
    "Wanna bet 'hog?!"
    "Is dat a challenge?"
    "You better believe it 'hog. Im da fastest Cat in Electri-city, ain't know one I know been able to beat me in a race, not even your fox-friend I resently met at the brooke while I was travelin' down here to viset mah cousin, Big."
    < Oh wonderful> thought Sonic.
    < In our last adventure, Tails beat me in a couple of races, which I'd rather not mention, which means this chick might actually defeat me, guess we'll soon she if she's tellin' da truth, or if she's all talk."
    "Alright, challenge accepted, uh, I've seen you before but I never caught your name."
    "Stricka da cat's da name, beating egotistic mobians is mah game."
    "Alright, tomarrow, we race from here to robotropolis and back".
    "Your on Sonic".
    In a flash of blue, Sonic took off disopointed that he'd missed the chance to save anybody.
    Meanwhile, a small camera unseen by none hovered silently over their heads.
    The camera shot a signal in a east-ward dirention, hitting the saltolite dish perched upon a giant eggshaped citadal where the signal was transputed into an image, watched curiosly by an enemy known to all mobians and humans alike, Dr. Robotnik (Or eggman as called by his enemies)
    Thought the egg shaped human.
    < With the hedgehog and this Stricka Cat Person distracted, I'll be able to easily carry on with my plans. I need that female hedgehog to carry out my plans, little does she know of the power that she holds, power that goes beyond ones imagination, that know one knows she has, I found this out using a dna sample from a locke of hair when I last had her in captivity, enough power to create the ultimate weapon, The Egg Scrambler, which reduces living matter into nothing, and can also be used to erase the freewill of all the living inhabitants turning them into mindless slaves that will serve me for as long as I live!AAhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>

    The next day, aproximatly 2:00 pm, many Mobians and Humans gather to see this extrodinary event, where a young female Cat challenges Sonic the Hedgehog in the ultimate race to determine who is the fastest on mobius.
    "I've never lost a race in my life, Sonic, so I dought very much even you can defeat me."
    "There's a first for everything Stricka." said Sonic
    "OOOOHHHHHH! I don't know who to cheer for!" said Amy to A young orange two tailed fox everyone calls Tails.
    "Stricka was my best friend, although I haven't seen her in five years, and I love Sonic!"
    "You mean you know that foolish "Queen Cat" out there! Nobody can beat Sonic."
    "You did".
    "Well, dats 'cuz you I know all da short cuts."
    "Why you little cheater!! I oughta..."
    "Ok, listen up" said Mighty the Amardillo, who was conducting the race.
    "We want this to be a fair race, ok? No cheatin', no short cuts, none 'of dat y'here! You just stay on the race track, da first 'hog .."(Mighty asumed Sonic would win) "Er, Mobian to cross the finish line wins. You got it?"
    "No problem" Said Sonic and Stricka together with looks of competance in their eyes, staring each other telling the other to give it up 'cuz there is noway the other would win.
    "Alright then, on yer marks, get set, GO!"
    A Booming sound of thunder filled the air and the two combatenants blazed off on their journey, the only trace of them left were two streaks of light differing in color, a small flame burning from the friction of their take off, and four lines which looked like a trail of two thousand foot prints in each line, representing the amount of foot prints created at once in their intence velocity rate.
    Miles ahead, we find the combatentants only a half an inch apart side by side with equal distance from each other, neather side any slower, nor faster than the other.
    Meanwhile, A Robotic figurine looking much similer to Sonic in all details, appeared from a hidden bush as the competiters sped by, took off in the opposite direction.
    The robot approched the finish line successfully crossing it. A loud cheer like thunder bursed from the crowd.
    "And so, Sonic is now the winner! Good job ol' pal".
    The Robot Sonic started to talk egotistically just as the real Sonic, nobody seemed to notice the slight change in its voice........
    "Oh yea! It was nothin'! I knew that Cat was just talk and no action!".
    Amy Rose, excited to find that Sonic had won the race ran down the steps of the bences and ran towards the Mechanical Sonic ready to hug him for his efforts.
    The Metal Sonic backed off as the real Sonic would, and sped off real fast in an eastward direction.
    "Hey wait up Sonic! I can't run as fast as you! Wait up!" Amy yelled from far behind following the trail of Metal Sonic's repeated foot prints."
    The crowd gazed as Amy ran after Metal Sonic.
    "There she goes again!" said Tails to Knuckles.
    "Yea, Da chicks really dig dat guy." Knuckles replied somewhat jealously.
    Approximatly two minutes later, two speeding figures at intence speeds crossed the track at an equal rate then stopped to be cheered for by the crowd, in accomplishment, irregardless that they tyed.
    Silence. Not a sound came out of the mouths of the watching Mobiens and Humans but instead, a look of surprize and suspision rose as one jaw dropped after the other.
    Then a chorus of low voices emerged from the silence.
    "Is that really Sonic?"
    "But Sonic just won the race!"
    "Then who was that other guy?"
    "Hey Might, what's up?" said Sonic to Mighty standing motionless with his jaw still dropped to the ground.
    "We, we just saw, you two minutes earlier! But how can.........?!"
    "Eggman." Sonic interupted softly, and firmly.
    "OH NO! AMY!" Yelled Mighty Shockingly
    " She also thought the other Sonic is real and took off behind him!"

    Meanwhile, as Mighty and Sonic talk, The Mechanical Sonic lead Amy into the woods, then stopped in a clearing at the heart of the forest.
    Panting feircly, was Amy who had been hot on his trail.
    "Huf puff.... Why do you always have to run away from me anyway?"
    "You don't get it, do you Amy" sounded a voice hidden from behind a bush.
    "Sonic runs away because he doesent like you."
    "Wha? dat ain't true Eggman!" Amy replied reconizing the evil accent in the figure's voice, as well as the eggshaped shadow that creaped out from the left side of the bush.
    "Dat's Doctor Robotnik to you missy!" Yelled the vile Doctor as he emerged from his hidden spot.
    "Of course, dat isn't da only thing you don't seem to grasp is it?! This here Sonic isn't the real one, introdusing Metal Sonic 2k, The ultimate Anti Sonic Machine, all it needs is a little energy, and thats where you come in my dear!"
    "What!!?? I don't know what your talking about! and you, you Sonic impersonater! YOU GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!"
    Then all of sudden out of mid-air, a giant Mallot appeared out of nowwhere in Amy's hand, Then Amy gave her eventual robotic capter a wack.
    "Well, well well, looks as though the lady is armed! Use your spin attack!"
    "Orders Understood" said the Robot who curled into a ball and began to spin viciously like a saw and attacked Amy buzzing her Mallot in half and cutting her partially in the face just above her eye brow. Red blood began to pour from the wound as Amy fell in pain and wept.
    "Grab her!" yelled Robotnik.
    Instantly the robot grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and dragged her into a rusty old cage where she was forced in.
    "Let's go my friend" Robotnik smirked evilly with delight at his success.
    The robot picked up the cage while robotnik boarded his egg ship and floated off to robotropolis, his highly polluted home.
    "Put her in the chaos chamber and hook up the wires to her".
    "Yes Lord Robotnik" said metal Sonic 2k.
    Amy Rose was then strapped in a chamber hooked up to different wires which were conected to the chamber.
    Robotnik presses several buttens on his computer, a giant screen displays several images, including Amy's dna pattern with a bright pink glow surrounding it.
    "It's more energy than I thought!" said Robotnik.
    "Enough to obliviate the entire universe!"
    "What are you talking about!" yelled Amy
    "Didn't you know Amy? Your one of the most powerful mobiens on the planet mobius, and I'm going to use your energy to empower Mecha Sonic 2k, but that's not all, You've got enough power to empower my ultimate weapon, the Egg Scrambler, and with that I'll be able to errase the free will of the Humans and mobiens on this wreached planet, and if they still have their free will, I will reduce them to nothing with the same device! I have it built and ready, and all I need now is your sparking energy! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    "Lemme get this straight, I've got special Power?"
    "Oh yes, how do you think dat mallot appeared?!"
    " Well, I don't know."
    "Look at this Rose, this is your dna, pure concentrated radical energy, and your the first livin' embodiment of this energy I've ever seen."
    "Radical energy?"
    "Oh yes, Radical energy is the only pure infinate power source more powerful than Chaos energy on Mobius, and now, It's MINE!"
    "No. That's my energy Robotnik" said Amy Coolly with a slight tone of anger."
    "Yes master." Metal Sonic 2k replied, then through a giant lever.
    All of a sudden, Amy Rose started glowing a bright hot pink as her energy was transfered to another chamber opposite her.
    "ARGGG!!!!!" Amy yelled in pain. Amy closed her eyes, hoping that the pain would stop and that she could somehow use her power, that she just found out she had, and destroy the entire lab.
    All of a sudden, Amy started glowing even brighter than before, the pain started to increase.
    "What! NO! This wasent suppose to happen!!!"
    A giant sheild like one you could find in an item moniter appered around Amy, who glew even more brighter, untill the entire room was blinding with hot pink, Robotnik's machine blew up in flames, the computer sparked rabidly, not a machine in the room wasent malfunctioning, and after all this occured, the entire room just blew up!
    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled robotnik as he was sent flying out of the laboratory.
    Amy rose stood yet withen the lab, not a scratch on her face save the one Mecha Sonic 2k gave her. Her sheild still surrounded her as she was surrounded by the flames.
    In the distance, two speeding figures could be heard.
    They both approched the lab with caution, and as they walked in, they found Amy Rose standing in the middle.
    "Yo Amy! What happened here girl!" said a familer voice, Stricka the Cat, and standing next to her was Sonic the Hedgehog.
    "Long story." said Amy weakily
    "Well, you can tell us all when we get back to your appartment in Station Square" said Sonic picking her up.
    "Ready?" he said to Stricka.
    "Yea" Stricka replied, then the three of them take off into the sunset.

    Meanwhile, as the smoke begins to settle, a giant egglike man emerges from the dust after two hours of walking back to his ruined domain.
    He sees a small blue spike on the ground, the remains of Metal Sonic 2k.
    He picks up the spike and studies it. A small stain of blood all of a sudden became apparent to the figure, then he looks up smiling and yells....
    "This isn't over yet flower girl!!!!!!!! You have yet to inialate my spare plan!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"

    -To Be Continued

    Amy Rose
    Girl power part II

    Now two weeks have went by since Robotnik had captured Amy and by the use of her new powers that she never knew she had, used them to foil his latest plan for world domination.

    Robotnik, like most fowl villains came up with another plan............

    Just after the destruction of his master plan, Robotnik found a small amount of Amy's blood dried on his recently dismantled master piece, Mecha Sonic 2k.

    the evil mastermind thought to himself.

    The evil doctor took the small piece of his former robotik soldier to analize the stain.

    "So, It seems apart of you never managed to escape." Said the vile doctor to himself as he stared at the blood stain.

    " E-2000, report to the main base, NOW!" Seconds later, a large blue colored e-series type robot appeared before the evil doctor.

    " Put this dna sample into the cloning machine over there."

    Doctor Robotnik, hoping to make an evil clone of Sonic the Hedgehog, never succeeded in capturing him in order to do so. Now was the opportunity he had been waiting for, the machine had never been tested since Robotnik wanted to test the machine on Sonic alone, but now that he possesed the Dna of one of the most powerful mobiens in the world, he decided to try and create a clone of Amy, a clone without freewill, and powerful enough to bring mobius under control once and for all!!!!!

    At this very moment, AmyRose joined her old friend Strika to visit her cousin, Big the cat. Big took them to the biggest stream in the entire mystic ruins, known as "Big game creek". Only the best of fish were caught there, from Salmon, to bass and even trout.

    "Ok Amy-girl, this is how ya cast, ya take yer pole, like this, you've got an open reel, so ya gotta flip this here 'switch' like so, then you hold the line like so, aim it, throw it backwards, and as you throw in the line, let go of the line and throw back the switch like so" Deminstrated Strika, who, like Big, was a natural born fisher.

    "Ummmm, ok......" Said Amy trying to follow Strika's instructions. Woosh! Amy's pole flew right across the stream, and onto a large wild Indian tigar!

    "UHOH" The three of them said altogether.

    "RRROWLLLLL!" Roared the Tiger who dived into the water after Amy.

    "How about I make a suggestion Amy" Said Strika to Amy

    "Ya?" She replied nerviously

    RUN!!!!!!!! Strika yelled at the top off her lungs as the Tiger swam faster and more swiftly at the three of them.

    All three of them up and ran fast as they could in the opposite direction. Poor Big, who was slow and very out of shape couldent keep up with them, so he dived into the nearest bush. The Tiger ignored him, seeming to focus on the true culprit. Amy too, began to run out of breath, and she was the one the Tiger was after.

    Noticing this, Strika turned around and grabbed Amy by the hand and took off at the speed of sound. Tired, and unable to keep up with them, the Tiger gave up his pursuit and retreated to a tree providing much shade.

    "Humina humina humina....." the two escapies panted for air.

    "Don't do that again" Said Strika to Amy as she caught her breath.

    "Sorry, I didn't even see the tiger"

    "Well, you are a beginner after all. C'mon, we've gotta see if Big's alright."

    "HEY STRIKA, AMY!" Sounded a familier voice from behind.

    It was Miles "Tails" Prower.

    "Hi Tails. Whats up!?" asked Tails.

    "You guys aren't gonna believe this ! Some hedgehog, looking just like you (Said Tails pointing to Amy) with special powers and Stuff, has captured Sonic!"

    yelled Amy in shock.

    "Yes, and she turned him over to doctor Robotnik! If we don't do something fast, Robotnik's going to put Sonic inside his newest machine, Mecha Sonic Mach 2k!"

    "What can we do!?" asked Amy.

    "I don't know Amy-girl, You go with Tails, I'll find Big, I'll meet you at
    Tail's Laboratory."

    "Alright" said Amy and Tails together.

    Strika burst off at the speed of sound as Tails grabbed Amy's hand and flew into the sky.

    "Soon, you will be under my control Sonic!" said The eggman to his foe.

    " You'll never control Mobius Robotnik!!! " Sonic replied angerly gritting his teeth.

    " Oh really, you see your capter Hedgehog!? She is a clone of your friend Amy, Only I used special scientific techniques in order to fully devolop her radical powers and enhance them to full extent! Since she was created by a human, rather than being born naturally, she has no spirit, nor freewill! I inserted a small chip in her that cannot be destroyed or removed. That chip ensures full loyalty to me alone, unless I order otherwise, and there is no way of reprograming the chip! Face it 'hog, you've got egg in your face,

    "Amy Rose, and look at that, you've brought Tails with you!! Your just in time to celebrate Sonic's funeral!"

    " S-Sonic's 'ulp Funeral!?"

    " That ain't all she's brought Fatso!"

    " Stricka the Cat, and Big too!"

    " And me!"

    " Huh!? Knuckles!?"

    " Yea, thats right."

    " Stricka, how did..."

    " Later Amy. We've gotta kick some metalic ^&*...."

    " Bring it on! Andrea, I want you to meet, your sister."


    " Coming Master Robotnik."

    "Ho ho ho! Andrea, this is your proto type, and twin sister Amy Rose. From your dna Amy, I managed to clone you, creating the Identical hedgehog you see before you, but look more closely, notice how her eyes glow fiercely! I have empowered her with the Chaos emerold, and added special cyborgnetic attachments allowing to errase her free will and serve me! Master Robotnik!"

    " Master!? You ain't no master!"

    " Yes, but you'll hafta get used to it, for that is what I shall be called when I am finished with world domination!!"

    " We'll see about that!" Amy Rose duns her mallot and powerfully swings it towards her clone, who blocks it with her own mallot, and knocks AmyRose towards ground. Amy Gets back up and starts spinning in a clockwise motion like a tornado and bashes into her clone. Andrea does the same, and bashes into Amy five times harder.

    " Amy, you need help girl!!?" asked Stricka.

    " I can't." Said Amy. " This is.......my fight."

    For once in her life, Amy's tone was dark and quite serious. Amy narrowed her eyes as a bright glow began to surround her. Creating an energy sphere out of thin air, Amy manages to hurl it towards her clone.

    Amy's clone uses a protective shield that prevents damage from the attack, and then creates an energy sphere more powerful than Amy's and hurls it towards her, causing her to crash once again, into the ground.

    " Are you done yet!?" A dark raspy voice emerged from Andrea's mouth.

    " NO WAY!" Amy gets up and hurls another energy sphere at her clone who imediatly does the same thing again to Amy.

    " Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! There is no way you can defeat Andrea!"

    " We'll see about that!" Said Stricka who charged up her energy and shot a powerful electric bolt at Andrea.

    Andrea reflects the bolt right back at Stricka.

    " Uhhh!!! NO FRICKEN WAY!"

    " My turn." Said Knuckles as he flew into the air, and landed a powerful blow at Andrea, who blocked the attack, grabbed his arm and sent him crashing to the ground.

    " Didn't you ever learn that your not supposed to hit girls!?" Asked Andrea, who laughed with pleasure at the people she defeated.

    " You ready to give up!?"
    " No."

    " Let me try!" Said Big the cat who hopped toward the evil clone, dunned his fishing pole, and through his line at Andrea. Andrea replyed by grabbing the line, with big holding on to it really tight, lifting him by the line, swinging him into the air and into the nearest tree. Big fell from the tree, unconcious.

    " How pathetic can you get!? There's no way you can defeat Andrea."

    " I'll try." Tails turned around spining his tails, creating a powerful whirl wind. Andrea got caught in the wind, but to no avail, for she reversed the whirl wind creating a powerful tonado, knocking tails into a tree, knocking him unconcious.

    " Ha! As you can very well see, no matter what you do, evil will win eventully!"

    < Wanna bet!?> A mysterious voice called from behind.

    " What!? Who dares defy the great evil Dictator, Docter Robotnik!?"

    < Great evil does suit you very well. But there is always a way to defeat the dark side.>

    " So!? What's your point."

    < Good always wins. Evil has to lose at some point.>

    " Your wrong! Show your self!"

    < Very well.>

    A bright glow surrounds the battle feild. A tiny ray of light shot down from the heavens. The light grew even brighter, and all of a sudden disopeered, revieling a small kitten like mobien with wings, whiter than show. She had blue eyes and a long white tail.

    " The ^#%@!?"

    " Who, are you!?" Asked Amy.

    < My name, is Cloud. > Her gentle voice answered although her mouth did not move. She was quite short, the size of a child around the age of nine, with wings like an angel.

    " What....are you!?" Asked Knuckles.

    < I am the Angel guardien of mobius. From the begining of time, I was placed in charge of protecting pure hearted forces, making sure good would triumph over evil on this planet.>

    " You!?" Robotnik burst out laughing at the sight of the tiny angelic creature. Cloud's expresion was blank.

    " So, what are you going to do about it!? It's irreversable, She'll be my slave forever! Bwahahahahahahhahahahaha! Just try and do something about it!! I don't even believe in God! Your just making it up! Andrea, attack her!"

    " No."

    " WHAT!?"

    A soft white light went from Cloud's hand and into Andrea's heart.

    " The %#^! are you doing Cat!?"

    " YOU CAN'T DO THAT!?"

    " I can do what I want!" Robotnik ran over toward Cloud and aimed a punch at her, but as his fist flew toward her face, a white aura shown toward the targeted area and sent robotnik flying seven yards away.

    " How did......!?" Amy rose looked at Cloud and her clone.

    " I'm, free?" Andrea's voice sounded less agresive, more like that of a small child.

    " Yes Andrea."

    " Then...... I wanna be on my sister's side!" Andrea looked at Amy and smiled.

    " Nobody steals my free will and gets away with it, not even my creater."

    " NO! PLEASE! DON'T." Robotnik pleaded as Andrea gathered up her energy. Amy joined her, as Strika gathered electricity, Knuckles used his shovel spikes to dig up a few rocks, Cloud gathered holy energy, and with these four combined, sent robotnik flying clear to the other side of mobous.

    " I HATE THEM MOBIENS!!!!!" Robotnik yelled as he flew.

    " Cloud, do you know where Sonic is!?"

    " Right here! I was begining to wonder if you forgot about me."

    " Hold on Sonic." Sonic, was placed in an old super-spin proof cage with a lock on the door, spin dash proof as well. Amy rose dunned her mallot and bashed the locke, which didn't breack, but just cracked a little bit.

    " Here, I'll help." Said Amy's clone Andrea who dunned her mallot, and with one blow, not only cracked the lock, but sent Sonic in the cage flying into a tree.

    Dizzily, Sonic crawled out of the cage.

    " I-I'm sorry.... I didn't mean too..." Andrea began.

    " It's alright. The important thing is that you made the right choice." Said Sonic.

    " Well, at least Robotnik took a beatin' to punish him for the evil he has done once again." Said Strika.

    " Yea. So, what do we do about Big and Tails?"

    Cloud gathered more energy and used it to reviel Big and Tails.

    Slowly, their eyes began to open.

    " Uhh, Man I got a head ache. Hey, who's the chick?" Asked Tails (Who was talking about Cloud.)

    " You don't look like it..."

    " Awwww...."

    " Thank you." Said Big.

    Said Cloud.

    " Well, Gotta go. " Said Strika.

    " I promised some of the neighbor's kids I'd teach them Tatsu-do."

    " You know Tatsu-do!?" Asked Tails.

    " Yep. In fact, I'll teach you all, since I happen to be a master of it, that is, when I return this christmas."

    " Cool!" Said Tails.

    "( Oh, and Knuckles?)" Strika said to Knuckles.

    " Yea!?"

    "( Here's my number, give me a call o-kay!?)"

    " Y-yeah, Sure.... when I install a phone on the island."

    " Tee-hee! Well, It's been fun. Nice to meet ya guys, and Big, Amy, take care alright!?"
    " Yep! "

    Strika used her gravity repelling ability to take off into the air. The others watched in awe. There was silence amoungst there lips, so the soft wind could be heard. Amy rose breacks the silence.

    " Um, Cloud. Do you think Robotnik will ever be defeated?"

    " Alright. We could use all the help we can get." Said Sonic.

    " So, what are you going to do Andrea?"

    " I think, I think I'm going to find a place to live and start a new life. If we meet in the future, lets be on the same side."

    " Agreed." Said the others.

    " Later." Andrea floated into the air and disopeered.

    " Well, I have to return to the floating island. But I just thought of something. I think I'll trust you from now on Sonic. "

    " Thank you Knux."

    Knuckles departs as well, and Big the Cat wabbles away leaving only Amy, Sonic, Tails and Cloud.

    " Alright."

    " Yea." Said the others. Cloud disopeers.

    " I have some work to do Sonic." Said Tails.

    " Alright, see ya later little buddy!"

    Amy and Sonic are then left.

    " You went to save me." Said Sonic to Amy.

    " Yea... but I didn't save you.... Cloud saved you...."

    " Naw... she saved Andrea. Don't worry Amy, you tried right!?"

    " Yeah. I guess I did. But next time, I'll save you."

    " Let's hope there isn't a next time."

    " Yea. "

    " Oh, and Amy."

    " Yes?"

    " There's, something I never told you before."

    " Yes Sonic?" Asked Amy dreamily.

    " That dress is definatly an improvement over the 'Sonic cd' days! Keep it up."

    " I will. Thanks for noticing." Said Amy disopointed.

    " What?"

    " I'm glad you like my dress, but, that's not what I wanted you to say...."

    " Oh..."


    " We'll, there is one other thing....."

    " Yes Sonic!?"
    Sonic put his lips to Amy's, and they kissed.

    " Is, that what you wanted?" Asked Sonic.

    " Yeah!!!!"

    The sun sets on the surface of the planet mobious. Another day has come and gone, and peace has been restored once again, for the moment. Who knows when the evil Doctor Robotnik would be back.

    The End....... For now.......


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    Re: Amy Rose: Girl Power? O.o; Warning: YOUR EYES MIGHT BLEED READING THIS!!!!

    Post by EchidnaPower on Mon Dec 20, 2010 2:18 pm

    Moved. And what are you talking about? It was great! ^^


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    Re: Amy Rose: Girl Power? O.o; Warning: YOUR EYES MIGHT BLEED READING THIS!!!!

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    That... was long.


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    Re: Amy Rose: Girl Power? O.o; Warning: YOUR EYES MIGHT BLEED READING THIS!!!!

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